Easter Decorating

Did you know that a group of wild rabbits is called a Fluffle?

With not a lot planned over this VERY wet weekend, I thought we should get our Easter bunny decorations out. This declaration didn't delight my husband as he was the one who had to find the Easter box which is stored with all of the Christmas decorations.

I started to collect little ceramic rabbits a few years ago and each year, I like to add to the collection.

This pink floral fellow (below) is the newest addition to my bunny family. I got him from TK Maxx which is always a delight to visit. They have a lot of gorgeous decorations which are very reasonably priced. I can never resist looking at their shoes (because you never know what you might find) and then walking through their shelves of scented candles - but I was good and didn't buy anything other than my bunny.

The bunny bunting is a free tutorial here on my blog. I still think it's cute and there's something special about bunting that makes a space feel much more festive.

A few of my bunnies had a little bit of damage, so they're off to get their ears super-glued and hopefully return to the groups, as good as new.

I have an Easter table runner which I made years ago, but for some reason it wasn't in the box, so today I'll go for a little rummage in my linen cupboard and quilt cupboard to check if it was misplaced.

Do you decorate your home at Easter time?


  1. This is such a happy post. I love it!

  2. I do like your flufle of bunnies..... very sweet....


    1. Thanks Fiona. Don't you just love that word - fluffle?

  3. You have a great bunny collection, no decorating here.

    1. Thank you. I do love any excuse to decorate at home.

  4. Anorina, you have the sweetest bunnies. I used to decorate a lot when the girls were little, well, living at home. Now I just bring out special decorations to share with the grand girls.
    I love the bunting you made and the table runners. Really beautiful

    1. Hi Rosemary, yes my kids also enjoyed the decorating a lot more when they were little.
      I’m sure your little grandies love your decorations and I think it’s these little things that we do, which will stay with them for always.
      Have a fab day x

  5. Your bunny makes me want to run to TJ Maxx!

  6. This all looks so sweet. I hope the floods are not affecting you.

  7. Everything looks lovely Anorina. You have some very cute bunnies!

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