Year of Colour 2020

 It's always a bit of fun at the end of the year when we can get a kind-of recap of our year (on Instagram) in colours. 

Everyone loves to see their ball of colours and wonder why. 

Like me for example. Why all of that golden tan colour? 

I very rarely use brownish tones in my sewing so I'm guessing it's from my photo backgrounds such as the wood floor, the dining table or the outside deck around the pool.

Also, I'm surprised by the limited green and pink in my palette.

You can also manipulate the colours into hue or brightness or by date. It's all really quite interesting to do and see. 

Visit to create your own Year of Color based on your instagram photos of 2020.


  1. I enjoy doing this each year, though I agree that the colors aren't always representative of our most-used or favorite colors. If brown shows up in mine, I won't share it. Gosh, I dislike brown. :-)

  2. I of a sudden went to my blogs side bar and started looking up blogs. I wonder why so many posts are not showing up in my reader. This was one of them.


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