You've probably seen the news reports that large parts of Australia are burning. It's such a frightening time. Hearing stories of the thousands of people forced to evacuate their homes, leaving everything behind but the clothes on their back and whatever they can fit into their cars. 

A kangaroo hopping past a burning house in Lake Conjola, NSW

Luckily, we're not directly affected by the fires, though our local fire services have held town meetings to prepare our community. We back right onto the bush/escarpment/national park and we all know that given the right weather conditions and circumstances, fires can start and expand rapidly.

Fires have been burning here in my home state since late November and the air quality has been very poor. But nothing compared with how it is now. I have asthma, so it's not great to be outside too much at the moment. I spent the day in my sewing room yesterday, listening to local ABC Illawarra radio in which coverage extends to the fire ravaged areas down the coast of NSW. 

Power has been down in many of these places since new years eve, so people who still had any phone reception or phone battery, were calling in from these towns and villages, telling their stories, telling what they went through, what they could currently see happening in their area and putting the word out to families that they were okay. Honestly, it was heartbreaking to imagine the terror they had and are living through.

Huge areas of bushland have been burned along with an estimated 1/2 billion animals - I'm guessing this includes our furry mammals, but also insects, frogs, snakes etc.

There are numerous places to donate to the Rural Fire Service (NSW) with Aussie comedian and influencer, Celeste Barber, already raising over $20 million (as at this morning) which is amazing

Quite a few crafty people and groups have come up with ways that we can help too. If you're looking to help, here are a few links that I have seen, looking for quilts etc...

Cool the Fireys - to make cooling neck ties for the fire-fighters. This is a free pattern by Amy Kallissa and they're hoping for 10,000 of these ties to distribute to the firey's.

Animal Rescue Craft Guild - this is a group which organises craft items to be distributed to groups in 5 states who need them for animal rescues. This FB page includes links to the patterns to make the items which they need along with a tonne of other information.

Quilts of Love for Fire Victims - this is a group to make and donate hand made quilts to people directly affected by the fires. They have partnered with Scouts NSW who have supplied a number of drop off points for distribution. More details can be found on the FB group page.

Crafty Adventures Healing Hands Project - this is a group organised by two quilters / designers, who have been directly impacted by the fires. They want to "reach out to those who have lost everything and wrap them in the love of people from all over the country and all over the world, who want to lend a hand." More details can be found on the FB page with postal information.


  1. I donated money the other day using one of Molli Sparkles links - it breaks my heart to see what is going on every day - hope you stay safe.

  2. This is so sad. So many all around the world are helping the best we can, money, man power etc. Stay safe. Things are replaceable --- all of us can help with that too.
    All of you continue to be in our daily prayers

  3. Thank you for this post...a very sad update...so much in life we just do not seem to be able to control xoxoxo

  4. You all are in our prayers from the USA.

  5. All of Australia have been in my prayers and thoughts daily. I am continually brought to tears over the devastation and loss I keep seeing and hearing about both online and on television. I feel so helpless all the way over here in the USA... so I want to thank you for sharing the info/patterns for items that are needed... it gives us crafters something to help with, even in a small way.


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