Holiday Catch-Up

Good morning friends. I thought I'd stop in and post a little catch-up of our adventures (so far). After what was a stressful check-in process because we staff travel (stand-by) through hubby's work, it was ultimately a rather boring flight across the Pacific. Boring is good!

Our stay here in Anaheim has been just lovely. It's spring time and the very well tended gardens are blooming and beautiful. We're only a short walk over to the theme parks which works out well. We head over after breakfast and enjoy the attractions for a few hours. With rumbling bellies, we head back to our hotel at lunchtime for some food and to rest our weary feet. After a swim in the pool or a nap (or both) we head back to 'The happiest place on Earth' for some more family fun.

I'm generally not a person who enjoys crowds or amusement rides but you get caught up in the whole experience and before you know it, you're buckling up and whooshing around on a rollercoaster or sitting in a boat listening to 'It's a small world' on repeat.

In the evening, we walk back to our hotel. It's interesting to listen to all of the conversations around us. I love to listen out for other Aussie accents - and there are honestly a lot of us here right now. 

We've been shopping at the local Walmart and Target. Aussie friends might be interested to know that these stores also sell fresh and frozen food, plus all sorts of other groceries. It's a mixture of Kmart and Coles all in one. 

Today we're having a non-Disney day and heading down to a shopping mall. I imagine it's going to be like we see in the movies. It has a Walmart my girl is hunting leggings with pockets, after seeing a few girls wear these around town. The boys are going for a haircut and then we'll come back to put some of those Tide laundry pods we bought, to good use.

Some random observations: everything seems to taste sweeter here. Eating out is quite cheap (even in a tourist hot spot like Anaheim). Bread and fruit are more expensive than back home, but soft drinks are quite inexpensive. Drivers are super polite and give way to pedestrians (they'll sit back a couple of metres from driving out of a driveaway for pedestrians to walk by). Cars are enormous! I drive a Toyota Kluger back home which is just average compared with some of the SUV's parked around here. The coffee is still not great.


  1. Oh... my favourite place! I, quite literally, grew up at Disneyland! Have fun!

  2. It looks like you are having a grand ol time!!!I love disneyland too!!

  3. Welcome to United States. Hopefully everyone you meet treats you well. From Oregon - a state north of California.


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