Splendid Springtime Shawl

It's been one of those weeks where I felt as though I was always doing something, but don't have a lot to show for my endeavours. The housecleaning I have done is no longer apparent, the laundry I washed is now filling up the dirty washing hamper, the food I have cooked and cakes which I baked have all been eaten.

I've created and added one scrappy black/white/grey border (side) to my Scrappy Rainbow Quilt and I have spent time slowly hand sewing my EPP hexagon flowers to the background diamonds for the Kingfisher Quilt Stitch Along. These are all things which will take time, but aren't fulfilling my need for a fast finish with a result.

And then along came the Splendid Springtime Shawl. I searched for a shawl tutorial on YouTube and came across this fun one by 'Jayda InStitches' - I loved that it was made with self striping yarn cake/s and a bigger hook that required. I had a bag of mill-ends from Spotlight, so got to work and have a lovely soft, drapey shawl to wear over my shoulders during these cold evenings.

As it was a mill-end bag, the yarn cakes were all small and so the stripes aren't perfect. It's a good thing that I love the scrappy look so much. I still have a few little ends to hide within the shawl and it honestly could do with some blocking, but I doubt either of these will happen before it gets used this evening.

If you'd like to make a 'Splendid Springtime Shawl', this is the link to the tutorial which I used.


  1. very pretty - looks like fun to crochet!

  2. Oh I wish crochet. Sigh.
    I have had two people try to teach me and it ends up being an exercise in frustration.
    I guess we can’t be good at everything can we? I can paint. So I’ll stick to that.
    Love the colours in the shawl.

    Ps My son uses my google account for you tube, hence the strange name 🙄


Thank you for your comment.

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