FAMILY: Chester in a square experiment

I follow Buzzfeed on Facebook. I enjoy the quizzes and the funny, mostly random things that are shared on this site. This morning, they posted about cats. If you put a square on the floor, the cat will get into it. I tried the cucumber experiment on Chester (my cat) when it went viral last year, but no to effect. Chester just wasn't afraid of the cucumber like other cats seemed to be

I thought I'd try out the 'square' experiment today. He sat watching me put it together on my sewing room floor. 

These are the results.

30 seconds was all it took for the washi tape square to be taped to the floor, before Chester decided he needed to sit in it. 30 seconds!

Do you have a cat? 

Does your feline friend like to sit on everything he's not supposed to?

Do let me know if you try this "cat in a square" experiment.


  1. Too funny!! Wish we had known about this when we had our cat - would have loved trying it! Chester is so cute!

  2. lol thats so funny Anorina xx

  3. So cute and your cat is beautiful. I'm curious - did he stay there for a long time? If you left the square on the floor, did he go back to it later? Thanks.

  4. Yup! :))) Chester is ah-MAZ-ing in his ability to be right where he thinks the action is. :) Completely ADORABLE!!!

  5. OH là là. Minou. I am still laughing and my 2 cats COCO & Valentine are looking at me with BIG ?????? in their eyes. My cats DO NOT SIT IN BOXES. Why??????. I do not know
    In Montréal, it is a SUNNY BEAUTIFUL DAY.

  6. Oh, this is adorable. I, too, want to know - how long did Chester sit in the square?? Did he revisit it later in the day?? What a fun experiment. ~smile~


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