TROLLS: a little quilt

My daughter is TROLLS-CRAZY! As soon as we saw the ads last year, she told me that we just HAD to go and see it together. We did. We had the loveliest girlie day during the long summer holidays - watched the film, had lunch and shopped at Smiggle (her most favourite store in the whole wide world).

We have the soundtrack in the car and hear it at least a few times each week. Her favourite song is 'Get Back Up Again' which we play really, REALLY loud in the car (much to her brothers annoyance).

Here's the clip (below). I warn you - it's catchy and you'll want to listen again and again and again...

The new TROLLS DVD is out and we had a bit of a party here the other night. We have the TROLLS Blu-Ray which includes a party-mode. It is so much fun for the kids! During different parts of the film, kids are encouraged to press the colour buttons on the remote control when prompted on the corner of the screen. Different little extras appear which were fun.

Bring home happy, Trolls is new to Blu-ray, DVD & Digital March 15th

At a few stages, the Trolls flower bracelets light up and it's hug-time. My little lady liked this part best and every time the flower lit up, she'd run over for a hug and then go and chase down her brother to hug him too. When my kids aren't arguing and bickering, they're really rather cute.

I decided to make her a little Trolls placemat to surprise her. I printed up a Poppy colouring page. I then traced the hair section onto heat n bond then pink fabric. I appliqued the components to the background fabric. I added the "Hugs" as this was one of her favourite parts of the film. 

I machined around the raw edges in a matching pink cotton. I then quilted all around the shapes.

Then it was time to applique some flowers. I bought a packet of little felt flowers from Kmart a long time ago for kids crafting. It was only about $1 from the kids craft section (near the toys) and it's been an un-ending bag. I started with the idea of only adding the blue flowers to Poppy's head band... but then got a little be over excited and added lots and lots of flowers all over.

Finished with a stripey binding and it's now in her room waiting for her to get home from school. It was intended to be a placemat, but I bet she wants me to hang it on her bedroom wall... and I won't be complaining about that!!!

We received the Blu-Ray for review. Opinions are all our own.


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    1. Thank you Jen. She loved it and took it to school to show her friends today :)

  2. Is the movie good for boys too?

    1. Hi Judy, yes it's good for boys and girls (and adults). The main "boy" character is Branch (Justin Timberlake) and a really beautiful character.

  3. Oh this is so cute Anorina,i remember when i was a kid we had troll dolls too.

    1. I had one too with bright purple hair. I used to try to brush it!
      They were a lot uglier than these newer Trolls, but still lovable :)


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