FINISHED: A Crochet Blanket

"I've been to cities that never close down... from New York, to Rio and Old London Town... but no matter how far, or how wide I roam, I still call Australia home."

Okay, well no, I haven't been to New York or Rio but I have been to Old London Town (well the airport anyways). 

I've heard this song by Peter Allen, over and over and over and over this past couple of weeks. My son auditioned for the school production and decided that this was the song we wanted to perform.

He practised and practised and practised. It was so cute to hear him singing his song in the shower. Great acoustics, apparently. His audition was on Wednesday. My daughter decided she wanted to be in the school production too, so she danced and sang the cup song from Pitch Perfect. Roles will be announced in a couple of weeks, but everyone who auditions will be in the production. They are beyond excited (and I am too).

So, where was I going with this? Oh yes, my well travelled crochet blanket is finally, FINALLY finished! It's travelled from Sydney, to Disneyland to Las Vegas to San Francisco to Santa Monica to Hawaii and back to Sydney. It's been on numerous car journeys, sat with me on the couch of an evening watching crappy tv shows, and has kept me company while I've waited for the kids to do their after school sports and activities.

I used about 8-10 balls of 4 Seasons Marvel Magic Stripe Acrylic Yarn purchased at Spotlight last year (on sale). I used about the same amount of charcoal grey 4 Seasons Marvel 8 Ply. This is made up of granny square blocks in two different colour-ways. The first is 7 rounds of the magic stripe yarn and the second block is 5 rounds of the magic stripe yarn and then 2 rounds of the charcoal.

I wasn't too sure how big to make it, so I got my husband to lay on the couch and put the blanket on top of him so that his feet were covered and that it was long enough to tuck under his chin. He's over 6" foot tall, so it's turned out quite long, but I know that it'll be a useful size for the rest of us "shorter people".

I alternated the blocks and crocheted them together with slip stitches. I'm not completely pleased with the back, but I guess it's not going to be on display so it doesn't really matter too much.

I then crocheted the border. I went around the whole rug in DC's five times. One round of single crochet. Then a scallop edge using a tutorial I found by Bella Coco on YouTube.

I'm so pleased that it's finished. After so many months of crocheting the same thing, it'll be nice to start on something new.


  1. A beautiful blanket Anorina,well done.

    1. Thanks Shez. I'm glad that it's finished in time for winter :)

  2. Beautiful blanket Anorina, you must be very pleased with yourself ☺

    1. Thanks Barb.

      Yes I’m delighted that it’s finished. Now I just need the weather to get a little bit cooler.


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