Apple Crumble

My favourite season is upon us. The summer heat has finally given up and the days (and nights) are bearable once again. Plus, it's apple season. Love, love, love crisp new season Pink Lady apples. Oh and Granny Smith's too. 

Speaking of Granny Smith's, I had about 7 huge ones rolling around the bottom of the fruit bowl. They'd started looking a little wrinkly and unappealing.

I put my young master to work, peeling and chopping them up so we could have apple crumble for dessert.

I follow the 2 x 1 x 1 rule when it comes to a crumble top. 

2 x flour
1 x butter
1 x sugar

I tried to make it a little less carby (is carby a word?) by only using 140g of flour and then 70g of butter and raw sugar. There was barely enough mixture to cover the top of the apple so I blitzed up 1/2 cup of walnuts and sprinkled those on top.

Honestly, yum! I must remember to add walnuts next time I make it. Oh and cinnamon. I forgot cinnamon.

How do you make your crumble? 
Do you add sultanas? Oats? 
What's your secret to a good crumble?


  1. I love apple crisp, actually any fruit crisp! Peach or blueberry are my favourites. I usually make mine extra carb-y, I double the topping!! I've never made it in a shallow pan, but it looks like that way it gives a great fruit to topping ratio!

    1. Forgot to say--yes, I use oatmeal in my topping, and brown sugar instead of white. Never ever raisins, though, blechhh!!

  2. I don't use flour but instead used rolled oats. I use the big Irish cut oats that are gluten free. Mix oats, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and if I have one to hand the grated skin of an orange for topping. I always put in raisins and sultanas.

  3. Hi Anorina your crumble looks yummy ,I use oats,haven't made one in awhile.

  4. Hi Anorina! I would love to make an apple crisp, but can you give the recipe not using g for flour and butter, but use the other measurements? Sorry...I'm not familiar with g measurements. Thank you so much!


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