What have you been Crafting, Baking, Reading and Watching?

We had the most amazing family holiday in the USA and spent a fantastic month visiting all of the sights, ticking items off our buckets lists and enjoying making lots of beautiful memories. I had every intention of writing about each of our stops... but time just flew and before I knew it, we were back home, dealing with the unpacking (yuck) and getting back into the school / activities / everyday life routine. I'd like to think that in the not too distant future, I'll sit down and write about our holiday adventures - even if only to keep a record for myself and my family.

To get back into this blogging "thing" and to keep my little space on the WWW turning over, I thought I'd do a little Monday catch-up post. Just a little re-cap of what has been happening around here lately.


I've been enjoying crocheting as it's such a lovely portable craft. I don't know why it took me so long to catch the crochet bug, but now that it's here, I'm hooked (literally).

I bought some variegated yarn from Spotlight before we went away. They had a great sale (I think it was 40% off yarn) so I took mum with me and we went a little bit crazy buying yarn.

I'm creating granny squares - one set of squares is 5 rounds of the colour yarn and then 2 rows of charcoal border (all worked in trebles / DC) and the other set of squares it just 7 rounds of the colour yarn. When they go together, they remind of a quilt pattern. I do love the effect of the variegated yarn as each block is the same... yet different.

In other news, I bought a yarn winder on eBay. Love these yarn cakes so much, that I want to go forth and wind up all of the yarn I have into these lovely neat bundles of colourful yarn-ey goodness.

I'm dragging this crochet around to the kids dancing and karate classes, so hopefully I'll have another progress shot to share soon. I hope to see this blanket grow and grow and grow...


Scones... really, no other words needed.


I finished "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes, while away on holiday. Love, love, loved this book a lot. When I was on the looooooong flight home, the film was available to watch. Crazy me knew what it was about and still thought that watching this film, in a crowded plane on a daylight flight, was a good idea. It's sad people. Tissues and ugly crying - but well worth a read.

I'm reading another book called "Miss You" by Kate Eberlen, before I tackle the next book in the series "After You". I've searched for it on Amazon, but it's seems to be available on kindle or for pre-order. I borrowed it from my local library - from the "New Release" shelves. I'm approximately 1/2 way through it and it's almost un-put-down-able.


Oh my goodness, I was so lucky to have US Netflix for 4 weeks. I watched the newest season of "Scandal" which I must admit I didn't like as much as the first couple of seasons, but I still enjoyed it immensely.

There are so many great new shows just starting here in Australia at the moment too - Designated Survivor on Netflix is shaping up to be fantastic. I've sat down with hubby to watch the first few episodes and am completely hooked!

New episodes are released weekly, so it's something we look forward to. Do you have shows that you enjoy watching with your other half? Shows that even if they're away at work, you wait to watch with them?

What have you been Crafting, Baking, Reading and Watching lately?


  1. Ive followed your trip and looks like you had a wonderful time!! Alas I don't watch much with the hubby except movies...I am hooked on Sleepy Hollow :)

  2. What a fantastic trip. I love your crochet - you ar always so clever with colours. we are enjoying Designated Survivor in this house ...

  3. Like Deb i have enjoyed following your awesome holiday Anorina,your scones look yummy ,i dont read books anymore as if its a good book i cant put it down and i would be reading till the early hours in the morning.
    We have been watching Longmire on Netflix.xx

  4. Your granny square blanket is beautiful! We are enjoying Designated Survivor on Netflix as well, though I was disappointed that the next episode (Ep 5) wasn't released last week. Fingers crossed that the next episode is released this week!


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