Spring 2016

The first of September marks the first day of Spring here in Australia. We've had a remarkably warm winter with above average rainfall. Our crop of broccoli and cabbages is enormous. Stone fruit trees are blossoming and my flower beds are looking quite spectacular with their rainbow blooms.

I have a few Pierre De Ronsard rose bushes beside my side fence. My husband put up some wiring along the fence line to help the plant grow up and flower... and flowering, they are. 

These roses are my absolute favourites. They're unscented (boo!) but I love cutting and displaying them in old recycled jam jars, around my home.

For my birthday (earlier in the year), my super wonderful and amazing husband bought me a macro lens for my camera. Honestly, I haven't use it very much but it was just blind luck that I had that lens on the camera when a bee decided to visit the flower I was photographing. 

Have you seen 'Bee Movie'? I imagined the bee saying "Good Morning. How's your day going?" in a Jerry Seinfeld voice.

My Iceberg roses seem to attract families of aphids. Large, extended families with hundreds of children. Other than physically removing them, one by one, we can't seem to get rid of them. If you have any advice or home remedies on aphid removal, I'd love to hear them.

How's your garden blooming right now? 

Coming into spring or dry after a long hot summer?

What do you have growing in your flower beds? 

Is your garden organised or random planting (like mine!!)?


  1. Warm, soapy water always helps and the roses don't seem to mind at all.

  2. Warm, soapy water always helps and the roses don't seem to mind at all.

  3. Beautiful photos of your flowers. I heard that there's an Avon liquid soap which you blend with water and spray on the aphid infected plant. Supposedly the aphids die or move on. Good luck.

  4. I love your bee photo! Here in the deep south of NZ we've got some daffodils and camelias showing up in random places, just not quite in my garden yet. My peony roses have popped up and so I look forward to seeing them in full bloom in October-November.

  5. Cannot wait for my roses to bloom, we've got lovely daffodils & other spring bulbs flowering. Winter was bitterly cold in Melbourne this year.....

  6. What beautiful photos! I have some stone fruit blossom coming out but no roses as yet. I leave aphids got the lacewings and ladybirds. They do a brilliant job of getting rid of them with no effort on my part!

  7. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images

  8. plant chives intermittantly in your garden and the aphids will stay away - I have done this and it works, I worried that it would affect the smell of the roses but it did not.

    1. Thanks for the advice Lynda. I've bought a pack of chives and will plant them around the roses :)


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