When life gives you scraps...

When life gives you scraps...

... make a pincushion

After making my quilted book bag, I had a few very thin strips which I'd cut from the selvedge - I'm guessing they were probably around 3/4" x 6".

Now, being the crazy scrap lady that I am, I sewed these teeny tiny strips onto a (scrap) piece of batting with a teeny tiny zig-zag stitch. Effectively, quilting as you go, but with a zig-zag, rather than straight stitch. And not using the usually flip method, but butting raw edges together and stitching on top. Makes sense?

And then turned that teeny tiny piece of quilted batting, into a pincushion... 

... because you can always use one more pincushion, right?

Tell me about your scraps? Are you a crazy scrap lady too?


  1. Anorina, I've only recently (during the past year or so) become a crazy scrap lady. =) I've fallen in love with all the marvelous things we can do with the "leftovers" and work with the smallest pieces to be culled from the quilts I make. Thanks for all the great projects you so generously share. Evie

  2. Seeing your lovely projects, i think i'll become a crazy scrap lady, too! ;)
    I like your pincushion - what a nice idea for the smalest pieces of fabric... maybe i'll imitate.
    Greetings, Andrea


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