10 February 2016

The Pizza Cake

Last week, my baby boy turned 10. Yes, 10! I can hardly believe it myself. It feels like he was only born yesterday and this past decade has flown by in a crazy blur.

We marked his day with a surprise breakfast of his favourite, waffles, gifts... and then he was forced to go to school. Yes, I'm a mean mum making him go to school on his birthday. 

While at school, I made his birthday cake. Each birthday, I let the kids choose what cake they'd like and this year, inspired by a cake in a magazine, Sam asked for a pizza cake.

Now, in all honesty, it wasn't hard to make, but I didn't have any brown food colouring for the "pizza base" icing, so I used yellow... and possibly a little too much yellow, but the birthday boy was pleased.

Here's what I used to make the pizza cake (just incase you'd like to make one too):

A basic round butter cake. Use your own recipe, or a packet mix is fine. This is all about the decorating, rather than the cake itself.

I used a tub of frosting with a few drops of yellow colouring. If you can find brown colouring, a combination of brown and yellow would be ideal. 

Cover the cake in the frosting - this is the pizza base.

For the sauce, I used raspberry jam. I used a strainer to remove the seeds. Spread the jam on top, leaving approximately a 1" border un-jammed. 

Now for the toppings... I used sour strawberry straps for the pepperoni, green jubes (cut in half) for the capsicum and black jelly beans for olives.

I grated white chocolate which was sprinkled on the top as "cheese".

And there it is. One pizza cake which made my boy really happy.

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