I made a dress. It's the first garment I've ever completely sewn... well other than an ugly top which I tried to make in my home-science class when I was in year 9 (about 25 years ago). It was an awful experience and my mother had to finish it for me after I'd flung it across the room in a teenage fit of tears and frustration. I was very dramatic back then.

Buying the pattern was a spur of the moment decision while I was at Spotlight yesterday. I'd seen quite a few pretty dresses on IG lately, by Amy of NanaCompany, retromummy shared a post about her latest dress and my friend Cass is always sewing gorgeous things for her kiddies - I just thought, what the heck. How hard can it be?

The pattern provides options for 4 simple dress variations - Butterick 6202. I made the C option which is the one on the right.

Admittedly, I did need some clarification on what the triangles on the pattern meant, but my friends over on FB came to the rescue.

I watched YouTube videos on how to gather fabric and was pleasantly surprised when it worked.

Now, this dress won't win any awards for craftsmanship, but it does feel great to have made it. And best of all, my little lady loves it. She was the perfect little model, trying it on as many times as I asked her, without complaint.

I have the next pattern all ready to tackle this week. 


  1. Beautiful dress! Love the polka dots! I can see your pretty, little sweetie loves her new dress.

  2. Awww, she looks adorable in it.

  3. You've done a wonderful job on the dress, Anorina. It looks lovely on Amelia.

  4. Your dress is lovely!!! Good job! And it looks wonderful on Amelia!

  5. And her smile says it all! My grands love everything I make for them and it always lifts my heart to see them wearing or sleeping on projects! Well done!

  6. That is gorgeous! The fabric print and colours are wonderful.

  7. She looks gorgeous in it. Well done Mum!


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