Another Kindle Cover

I have a friend. She likes to read. A LOT!

She has been unwell. She had some surgery and the doctor has ordered bed rest for the next few days.

I wanted to get her something other than the usual chocolate or flowers.

So I got her a very inappropriate card and made her a Kindle cover. I absolutely love this colour palette right now, and I really hope that she loves it too.


Kindle Cover 2


The leaf fabric is by Cloud 9 Fabrics and I found it at my local Spotlight store in the dress section. I bought a few other prints in this range and am saving them for something special.


Kindle Cover 3


If you’d like to create a kindle cover (or gadget cover) like mine, I created a tutorial for one a little while back. You can find the post by clicking on this link. It’s really quite simple to make, with the trickiest part being the aligning the velcro.

I do like my Kindle and it’s great to read in bed with the lights out, but I must admit that there’s something more special about reading an actual book.

Have you embraced the technology or are you a traditional bookworm?


Kindle Cover 1


  1. So pretty & practical I must have a go at tthis

  2. When I first started using my Kindle I really missed holding an actual book. Now that I've had it for a couple years I'm finding it annoying to hold an actual book! The pages flip closed if you set it down, you need a bookmark, it takes up so much space in my bag (although paperbacks are lighter in weight). I'm ready for a new case and I love yours! It would allow me to charge my Kindle right in the case! I love my Kindle!

  3. Hi-- I have been following you on IG and have just found your blog. I love the kindle cover-- I don't have one, but my daughter does. Would love to make one when I get the chance. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. I used to resist the Kindle… my mom bought me one when they first came out. (They were so expensive then!) I finally gave in and tried it… and now I'm hooked. I love that I am not taking up more space in my home with more and more books, and I love the Paperwhite that has the light so I can read in bed. I love that I can read with one hand, or with no hands (because I can lay it on the counter and not hold it "open.") I really love everything about my Kindle Paperwhite. :)


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