Tasmania (Part 2)

Now before I continue on with the Tassie adventures, I thought I'd show you a little bit of sewing. While we were still in Melbourne, I stopped in at GJ's Discount Fabrics and bought some great fabric bundles.

I've opened up one of the pinky/purpley bundles and made 1.5" hexies. It's not my usual colour palette and not the usual prints which attract me, but I've enjoyed making hexies. And sewing hexies together. 

I'm already a few steps ahead of myself and imagining how this will all come together as a quilt. Light background. Hand quilting with pink and purple perle cottons. I may need to stop back in at GJs for another similar bundle, before we head back to Sydney.

Launceston and its surrounds is a lovely part of the world. We stayed in an old terrace house right in the centre of the city which handy for meals and supplies. 

On our first night in Launceston, the weather reporters teased us with the possibility of snow down to 400m. Snow! Flyboy is English and grew up in a cooler climate, so snow isn't as exciting to him as it is to me and the kids. We talked him to ditching the next day's plans and head up the hills to get a glimpse of the cold stuff.

Admittedly, not as much snow as we'd expected from the reports, but we got to stand in falling snow. That in itself, made the curly drive up mountains worth it. 

Tasmania is the state for mazes. We visited a bush maze which the kids really enjoyed. Along with the big maze, there were other mind-bending activities to pass some time. Tasmazia is another maze park, with a number of different mazes to explore, but unfortunately we didn't have enough time to visit that one. 

Daffodils seem to grow randomly all over the place here. What costs money to buy and plant at home, seems to grow wild here in patches on the sides of the road and in cow or sheep fields.

And the wattle! If it didn't send me into a sneezing and wheezing frenzy, I'd certainly appreciate its golden beauty a lot more than I do.

We visited with some local friends who made the move down to Launceston a few months ago. They're loving it here, and it's not hard to see why. Life seems to move at a much slower pace down here.

After a few fabulous days in Launceston, we visited City Park one last time to see the monkeys (yes, you read that right). They're super cute and we could have spent hours, just standing there watching their antics... but it was time to head south to Hobart... 

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