A Bee and a Poppy

It may still be winter round these parts, but spring is certainly in the air. Today the temperature reached an almost balmy 21 degrees celcius. A few more degrees and it’s my perfect temperature.
The bees are buzzing and this one even posed for a photograph. Isn’t he lovely?

Bee in a Matilda Poppy

The garden has woken up and started to bloom. My husband and I love to visit the garden centre and buy plants which are reduced to clear. Plants which are in season, but for whatever reason didn’t sell.

We bought some Matilda Poppy plants for only $1.50 ...
They were a sad looking bunch when the came home, but with a bit of TLC they’re now coming into their own. A few buds have bloomed and what is amazing about these plants is that the one plant can have flowers which are different colours. So cool, right?!

Spring Garden 4

Spring Garden 5

Spring Garden 3

Spring Garden 1

Ranunculus is looking pretty good too

How is your garden growing?
Have you bulbs begun to bloom?


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