Some people don’t like Mondays. I’m a little bit different. I see them as a fresh start. A new beginning. The opportunity to start with a blank slate… so to speak.


After a visit from my lovely friend Lianne (who funnily enough, I first met on Instagram), I’ve sat down to write up the pattern for this sweet project.

Can you see it? It’s under the vase of lavender blooms.

Yes, I’ve been a little bit cheeky, only showing you a glimpse. This project will feature in a publication, later in the year.

Well, okay, you’ve twisted my arm. Maybe one more little sneak peek won’t hurt…


How is your Monday?

Have you had a great start to your week?


  1. Nice way to think of mondays. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Annorina,oh this looks so prety,cant wait for the pattern xx

  3. Your project looks beautiful! I love Mondays too - the beginning of a new week provides the opportunity to improve a little more. And I am always energized after the weekend!


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