Tuesday : day 3

We're on holiday. It's day 3 and finally we're beginning to slow down and enjoy the slower pace of life down the coast.

The first day is always a frenzied madness - trying to pack enough to keep us going and ready for all eventualities.

The second day is spent exploring our surrounds and cramming a lot into the day. 

By day 3, we've come to terms with what we've forgotten to pack and have eased into a slow and lazy routine.  

Right now, sitting under a tree while husband fishes and the kids sit beside me reading books, life is pretty darn good.

I know that when I go back home, I have a lot to do. Emails to answer. Projects with deadlines. Kids to keep entertained for the 2 weeks of school holidays. As I can't do anything about any of it right now, I'll keep enjoying the moment.


  1. Life is good! Adore the parrots. Are they wild birds and just eat off your plates? That is so cool. I love being in nature. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Have fun and enjoy the quiet

  3. Have fun and enjoy the quiet


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