Another Cushion Re-Vamp

I was on a cushion revamping frenzy last week. This one was made back in 2012 with a lovely line of fabric called Cosmic Burst. Here’s the original post about this cushion and how I made it.

This cushion was another of those awful flat ones after being very well “loved” by the family … even the cat. It’d been squished into a pancake. I gave it a good wash and then once completely dry, I unpicked the seams.

Added an extra layer of batting and quilted it heavily in uneven straight lines. I really like this effect and the cushion has such a lovely texture.


It’s a really large cushion, so I used a couple of pillow inserts to fill it. It sounds like a lot, but those 2-packs of pillows from Big W or Kmart are quite soft and airy, which made them perfect for this project.
It was finished with some scrappy leftover binding strips – just like binding a quilt.


It’s funny how the latest cushion I revamp, seems to become everyone’s favourite.


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