Scrappy Cushion Makeover

I made a scrappy patchwork cushion a few years back, and to say that it’s been “well loved” is an understatement. We have A LOT of cushions living on the lounge, but this one is my daughters favourite. As a result, after years of being sat on, nestled into, and plumped up to within an inch of it’s life, it had begun to look a little worse for wear.

Here it is back in it’s hey-day, all sparkly, shiny and new.

The insert was flat. The cushion was big and floppy and grubby and generally looking old and tired. I was itching to be rid of it and make a new one (being that I am a cushion addict and all), but little miss wasn’t going to have a bar of it. She even gave me a pout and puppy dog eyes when I threatened to throw it out on the next bin collection day.

So yesterday, I setabout giving the old scrappy cushion a make over.

It had an envelope style back, so I got my seam ripper out and removed the back completely. I set about making it a more sturdy cushion by adding another layer of batting to the back (of the front) and quilted it quite heavily with unmeasured straight lines.

Once it was done, I threw the front quilted panel into the washing machine and gave it a much needed clean. After it was dry and smelling lovely, I set about finishing off the cushion.

Scrappy Cushion Makeover - Quilting

The back fabric was also quilted heavily and rather than another envelope style back, I decided to close this baby up completely. I sewed about 1/8” all the way around 3 sides, added the big fluffy insert and closed up that last side. I figure that the next time it needs a wash, I'll throw the whole thing into the washing machine.

I then added a binding all around  - just like I would when binding a quilt. A few pins helped keep the bulk of the cushion out of the way when machine sewing it to the front.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with the result. Sure the colours aren’t as bright as they once were (and this phone taken at 5am on my kitchen floor doesn’t help), but it now much sturdier and certainly has a few more years of loving to survive.

Scrappy Cushion Makeover

Do you have any “well loved” cushions in your home, that need a makeover too?


  1. maravilhoso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Anorina,i love this cushion,it looks like a new one so you have done an amazing job my friend,well done xx

  3. Fantastic, love it need to make cushions for my chairs

  4. Great repair job and I love the binding :)


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