12 January 2015

Weekend: Art, Craft and Horses

We had such an action packed weekend, that I’m thankful for a quiet Monday to recover.

We started the fun on Friday morning by dropping off our submissions to the local country show. We were inspired and entered a few different sections. 

After dropping off our items and signing them over to the show society people, we jumped into the car and headed to Sydney. We received a family pass to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and so were eager to visit with all of the beautiful sea creatures.


Sea Life Sydney


Sea Life Sydney has a wonderful new interactive aquarium and we spent quite some time there. The kids colour in a fish with as much or as little colour and embellishment as they like. It is then scanned and then appears the other kids fish on the large wall ‘aquarium’. The fish actually look like they swim around the large tank and all of the kids who were there on the day loved sitting and watching their creation up there.


Art Aquarium 1

Art Aquarium 2


If you’re in Sydney or surrounds, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is really a great way to spend the day. We have been there a few times and really love it. My advice is to go in the afternoon. The mornings are always very busy, but going in the afternoon means that the queues are short and there is more space and time to spend at each display.

My favourite part of the aquarium is walking through the shark tunnels. It really is amazing to be up close to the sharks and rays.




This one looks like he’s smiling, doesn’t he? Quite creepy and magical all at once.




Saturday was show day. First stop was at the pavilions to see how we did. My little lady got a first place for a butterfly cushion. She participated in the Under 12 section and even though she’s only 7, she won. Yay! So proud of her and she was very proud of herself too.

My little guy entered the Lego section which was a big section with a lot of entries. He didn’t win a first or second place, but did receive a highly commended ribbon which is also a great achievement. He’s 8 but had to compete in the under 12’s section, which was tougher than previous years.


AP Show 1


I wasn’t lucky enough to win anything in the needlework section this year. There was a lot of cross stich, candle-wicking and hardanger which seemed to scoop the pool. My sugar skull cushion didn’t win a prize, but that’s okay. I absolutely love it and it’s now sitting in the ‘good room’.

I did however win a few prizes in the patchwork / quilting section. I got 4 first places and 2 second places with various items I’ve made through the year.

From the judge notes, she particularly liked my hand quilting on my circles quilt.


Circle Applique and hand quilting


So after we saw all of our results we headed over to the main show ground to see the horse events and eat a dagwood dog. Can’t go to the show without eating a deep friend battered sausage on a stick, right?


APShow 2


Sunday, we had family from interstate visiting which was lovely. We haven’t seen FlyBoy’s sister and her family since June so it was great to catch up and for the cousins to play and hang out together.

Today, I am playing plonking myself on the couch to watch the awards with some EPP… but more on this project next time. If you’d like to see more of it and the progress, pop on over to my Instagram account @SameliasMum


Diamond Paper Piecing


  1. congratulations to all of you esp. your clever kids.

    1. Thank you Melody. My little lady has already spent her prize money on new colouring pencils and crayons.

  2. You guys did really well at the show. Congratulations! The aquarium looks amazing & so does your current project. Cheers, Tracy.

    1. Thanks Tracy. The aquarium is such fun and great to visit while the kids are little.

  3. Congratulations to you all, Anorina.

    1. Thanks Christine. We were all pretty happy with our awards.

  4. Congratulations to everyone! Your hand quilting is amazing Anorina!!

    1. Thanks Linda. Hand quilting is one of my favourite things to do but I've not been adventurous enough to hand quilt a big quilt.

  5. wow thats awesome ,you all did so well,and seeing the aquarium would be so wonderful for the kids,what a wonderful time you all had Anorina.xx

    1. Thanks Shez. Yes it was such fun especially while the kids are little. I can imagine they'll become moody, independent teens and not want to do any of this fun stuff.

  6. Well done to all of you. Fantastic results. All such pretty pictures too.

    1. Thank you Susie. We were super pleased with ourselves.
      Next year, we're going for the sash!


Thank you for your comment.

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