Hommus with Chorizo {Recipe}

According to FlyBoy, hommus or hummus tastes like dirt.

Yep, his words, not mine.

I saw Donna Hay make a delicious looking hommus dish for her holiday table and I had to try it for myself.


Hommus with Chorizo Topping


Chop up the chorizo into teeny tiny pieces. Really small. Like really, REALLY small. I think Donna actually blitzed her chorizo in the food processor, on the show.

Pop these like morsels into a hot pan with a generous splodge of olive oil and a sprinkle of sweet paprika (if you have it in your pantry). Cook the chorizo until it’s crispy and the olive oil is a delightful golden amber colour. The kitchen will be smelling quite delicious right about now.

Spread the shop-bought hommus into a dish so that it’s approximately 3/4” to 1” thick (yes I’m thinking in quilting terms).

Sprinkle the crispy bits of chorizo over the top and then spoon over some of the olive oil.

It honestly only takes about 10 minutes to prepare but it really turns something ordinary to absolutely WOW.

Scoop it up with some crusty bread and enjoy!

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  1. Hi Anorina ,wow rthankyou for sharing,that dish sounds awesome,hubby would like this.xx


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