WIP Wednesday

I’m playing with very pretty fabrics this week. Far Far Away by Heather Ross plus some hot pink, violet and white solids.

I cut out the main fabrics for the A Blocks and couldn't part with these teeny strips of loveliness. So I made a little QAYG mug rug. I posted this out to a friend who hasn't been well. I hope she likes her little surprise parcel when it lands in her mail box.

My A Blocks are all finished and ready to press.

My B Blocks are all cut and ready to piece.

I have Season 2 of Damages all ready to watch on Netflix.

I’m not going to stop until all 24 of my B Blocks are finished.

What are your fave shows to have playing in the background, while you sew?


  1. I bet she'll love that mug rug, it is gorgeous. Good luck with your B blocks, I get too distracted having something on in the background, I'm better with just the radio, I get even more done if I turn the laptop off too!

    1. LOL yes the laptop is a big distraction for me also. Perhaps I should really just have the radio on.

    2. I absolutely love your use of the leftover Far, Far Away fabric - I have quite a lot of it waiting to be made into something...and now I know exactly what I'll do with my scraps! I follow you on Facebook - love your posts, and find your quilting just inspiring and awesome!

  2. Love the mug rug - such a great use of scraps. I have music playing in the sewing room - I like to do a little bit of sewing and then a little bit of dancing on my way to the ironing board. :)

  3. That is such a gorgeous mug rug! I can understand why you didn't want to waste any of that fabric. I just have the radio on when I sew. Though I like binding a big quilt while watching a movie.


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