Blooming Time

I hate to jinx it, but my garden is blooming beautifully right now. FlyBoy and I have never really had a garden to play with. Our first house had an established native, drought tolerant garden (imagine a lot of bushes and rocks).

We then lived in a town house while with the new house was being built, so we discovered container gardens. We managed to grow herbs. They flourished beautifully with all of the attention they received in their little pots.

We’ve now been in the new house a year and we have our first roses! Roses which we bought as dormant twigs at the end of autumn. I always envied my sisters Pierre De Ronsard roses so we planted some in the garden and they’re now blooming.

Pierre De Ronsard Rose
Pierre De Ronsard Rose 2

We have two pink plants and one plant which produces these beautiful red blooms. FlyBoy is on a mission to find a way to attach some wire or trellis to the side fence, so they can climb and continue to bloom.

Pierre De Ronsard - Red Rose

Pierre De Ronsard - Red Buds

My iceberg roses are also beginning to bloom… unfortunately, the aphids are also out and attached to my pretties.

IceBerg Rose

This is one of the two different bloom rose bushes. Some flowers are a the usual white/off white colour, and some are a dark burgundy. All on the same bush!

White and Burgundy IceBerg Roses

It really does need to be moved as it’s a little close to the bricks. And a good trim wouldn’t go astray either.

Purple Pansy

We also have a nectarum in our garden. Half nectarine and half plum. It’s blossomed and now we just hope it produces some fruit. We have no idea if it’s a cross between both fruits or if different fruits grow on different branches. It’s all a bit exciting and we keep a look out regularly to see what’s happening.


If you’re read this whole way, how about a giveaway? Australian Made made contact asked if I’d like to host a reader give away for an Ezy Grow planter box valued at RRP $169.

Well, why yes I would. I’m sure there would a garden loving reader out there who would like to win one of these, right?

Ezy Grow Planter
Just leave a comment telling me what you would plant, if you won an Ezy Grow Planter Box.

Sorry to my international friends, but this one is open to Australian residents only. Read all of the T & C’s here.

Giveaway is now closed. Winner is Gemma J.


  1. Hi Anorina...I love your roses and I can imagine your garden looking lovely...if you plant garlic under your roses its supposed to stop the aphids..Also I would love to win that Ezy Grow Planter Box as my garden is a sad one as there is too much clay to grow anything and this would be great for all my herbs that I have in pots and it would bring them all together in one place :) Thanks xxx

  2. Wow your roses look fabulous. We moved to our first house with a big yard nearly 2 years ago (oh wow where does the time go???) and the yard is massive but has a lot of plants in it already. There's a couple of big overflowing rambling rose bushes in the front yard and when we first moved here I was going to pull them out but now they've grown on me and I suspect I will be keeping them and planting to compliment them. I have big plans and a black thumb so should be an interesting mix. If I was lucky enough to win this amazing prize I'd plant herbs in it for our back deck - very handy to have near our BBQ. :)

  3. I love gardening and am trying to teach my Grandkids. A planter like this would help them with their own garden at Grandmas.

  4. Me and my little girl love to garden so would plant Daisy's for me and strawberries for her.

  5. Beautiful garden Anorina, so pretty. I can just about smell those roses :)
    I'd love a planter to grow annuals. It's too hot and dry here for them to be successful in our garden.

  6. I think the Easy Grow Planter would look brilliant full of herbs.

  7. I would plant strawberries! Nothing more rewarding for kids to eat the fruits of their labour straight from the plant!

  8. Your roses are stunning! And good luck with the Nectrarum,hope you get some yummy fruit. I would plant a little salad garden in the Easy Grow Planter with various lettuce, small beetroots,rocket & chives.

  9. Looking forward to planting my roses. I'd use the planter for herbs

  10. You've both done well to have lovely flowers after 1 year on your new home. I've got Sweet Peas growing in hanging baskets, hoping for a nice display. I'd plant tomatoes in the planter box.

  11. I've never heard of a nectarum. Keep us up to speed please.

    I'd love to plant a herb garden. I have just the spot outside my kitchen for this planter.

  12. Just catching up with FB after work over dinner. Sorry I missed this (though you should check the T&C regarding the date as it starts Wed27 until Mon27) . Your roses are lovely, I miss mine. It was fascinating to learn about how ladybird larvae and hoverfly larvae and parasitic wasps all prey on aphids. Managed some nice photos. Might want to look into those options rather than rely on pesticides. If I had been able to enter in time I would have loved to plant blackberries or loganberries to keep them above the threat of faecal contamination from the dogs. :)

  13. Perfect for a 6yo to plant some herbs or flowers for his mummy

  14. I'd love a planter like that. I'd grow some cherry tomatoes and lettuce plants and maybe a capsicum.

  15. My daughter is becoming obessed with gardening, which I love! If i won this, I would give it to her, I think she would probably grow all sorts of flowers in it, maybe herbs though, she would make it look awesome though! Kim


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