WONKA Fudge {Slow Cooker Recipe}

I’ve been having a little love affair with my slow cooker (also known as a Dutch Oven in some countries) of late. The cooler months are perfect for slow cooking. The other day, I was out grocery shopping and saw some super cute little slow cookers – only 1.5 lt – and I I just HAD TO HAVE ONE!
Compared to my other one, it’s teeny tiny, so I needed a teeny tiny recipe to put it through it’s paces. My children had been asking when I’d make fudge again, so that was just what I did.

WONKA Fudge Recipe 3

This time, rather than use chocolate melts, I used bars of chocolate. I had 2 bars of the new WONKA Mudpuff Caramelstuff in my pantry, just begging to be eaten. Have you tried these new chocolates? YUM! I am such a chocaholic.

WONKA Fudge recipe

To make my WONKA Fudge, you will need
1 x can of condensed milk
2 x bars of WONKA chocolate
1 x tbsp butter (or margarine)
6 x jelly lolly snakes (all chopped up into little pieces)

Turn the slow cooker to high. Break up the chocolate into squares and place into the SC along with the butter and the condensed milk.

Wonka Fudge 2

Put the lid on and return to the SC and stir the mixture every 15 minutes. It should be all melted and combined after approximately 45 minutes. If not, just leave it a little longer and continue stirring. The WONKA Mudpuff Caramelstuff has little crunchy bits, which won’t melt.
Line a small dish or baking tray with baking paper.
Spread a layer of the chopped up jelly snakes and then pour the chocolate mixture over the top.
Allow it to cool before refrigerating for a couple of hours (until it’s set).

Wonka Fudge Recipe 2
Cut the fudge up into pieces and serve. Your kids will love the rainbow jelly surprises in the bottom of the fudge.
Do you like fudge?
What is your favourite flavour?
Are you slow cooker obsessed like me?


  1. Live fudge. Might hunt out recipe for plain choc fudge. Don't think the kids have tried it yet.

  2. If I wasn't camping and without a slow cooker I'd be making that right now! blessings, marlene

  3. I tried your choc mint slow cooker fudge Anorina and it was amazing. It's definitely going on my list of regular Christmas cooking items. I'll have to try this one too now. Maybe for my son's 18th next month as he has a sweet tooth too :). Thanks for sharing them. Cheers, Tracy.


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