A new baby means…

… I have a good excuse to make another quilt.

And no, I am not the one having the baby. Sorry to disappoint you mother and mother in law. I know that you’d love more grandchildren, but you’ll have to rely on our siblings for more grandies.

I’ve had a cute F8 bundle of Bluebird Park by Kate & Birdie for Moda Fabrics, sitting on my shelf for a little while. I’d contemplated de-stashing it on Instagram, but held back. I always thought it was a really fantastic gender neutral line of fabric so have been waiting for the next bub to come along.

I made up this quilt pattern as I went along. I wanted to make sure that these fun little prints weren’t chopped up too much. Aren’t these bunnies just the sweetest?

BlueBird Park - Bunnies

One of my friends is ready to pop out a baby any moment. Literally, she could be at the hospital right now, delivering her little boy. New babies are so special, aren’t they? I’m looking forward to a cuddle, but before I do, I need to finish this baby quilt. It only needs the binding, so I’m hoping to get it finished this evening.

BlueBird Park Bicycles

I’ll share this quilt pattern as a tutorial once it’s all finished. Now, I’d best get back to work. As I said, my friend could be delivering this baby, RIGHT NOW!!!

Do you have any baby quilts which you to make soon?

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  1. Love the fabrics in this. I'm putting together a quilt for Amelia's class to gift to their teacher. It won't win any prizes but it is the thought that counts and the kids have all had a part in creating it.

  2. Great timing Anorina! This morning I went with my daughter-in-law for her 12 weeks ultrasound. A second child for my son and his wife and a fourth grandchild for hubby and I. So, my next quilt will be a baby quilt for this bub!

  3. that is adorable, such a lovely line of fabric and a great pattern to show off the prints

  4. This is adorable! Love those little hedgehogs!


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