Super Moon – August 2014

I saw on the news this evening that tonight we are blessed with a super moon. This is the biggest moon we will see in 2014 – when the moon is at it’s closest to Earth.

It’s a clear night, so I got my Sony DSLR camera, my camera long lense and the tripod - with FlyBoy’s assistance, we managed to set it up and capture some magical photos of the moon.


Full Moon 10 August 2014




It will be visible all over the world. Have you popped outside to have a look at the super moon this evening?


  1. Yup. I did ... There will be a few howlers....

  2. We were camping (in Iowa United States) and it was beautiful! ! The night was calm and cool (for August in Iowa anyway) and we sat by a fire and enjoyed the night!! We did not however get up for the spectacular meteor shower at 3:30 am!!LOL


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