27 July 2014

Playing with Flower Sugar

During the past few days, I've enjoyed some quiet time with my machine.

Kids have been at school, FlyBoy still away (he returns Monday after a loooooong 2 months - yay!) so I set up The Good Wife on Netflix and played with my scrap tub. 

First up, I made a quilted kindle cover. I always worry that the screen will get scratched when it's in my handbag, so this has been the perfect solution.

It was very easy to make - I just QAYGed 2 pieces a little larger than the kindle. Attached binding on the edges which would be the top then sewed it together. I wasn't worried about a lining as it's just for my personal use and not going to be visible anyways.

I was very pleased with the result so decided to try my hand at a QAYG Zipper Pouch.

The pouch is strong and holds itself up beautifully because of the heavily quilted body.

The fear of zippers is slowly being overcome. Slowly. I love this pouch as it bright, happy and functional. I plan in using it to hold my rotary cutters.

The next day, I still has scraps of this beautiful fabric remaining, so I decided to make a QAYG notebook cover.

This is my personal favourite. With the practice from them previous 2 projects, the quilting on the notebook cover is much more even and straight.

The walking foot has been perfect for this type of sewing. I decided to bind the edges of the notebook. This binding holds together the cover and the sleeves where the notebook cover is inserted.

Guess what! I still have some scraps of Flower Sugar left. I'll play with them in some more QAYG projects next week.


  1. That's so pretty! My Kindle is in a boring brown leather cover. I think I might need to make one of these!

  2. Oh, Samelia!!! They are so beautiful, I love this colorful and happy fabric and your idea of quilting as you go. I think I will give it a try, it looks lovely!


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