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I have a woodworker at home. He likes to think he is a true artisan, but really he just likes to hang out in his shed, make a tonne of sawdust and destroy bits of wood. So when two wood working books arrived on our doorstep, they were given to FlyBoy and he was told to be creative. 

That was some time ago now and so far I have seen nothing, so I snuck the books back for a bit of a look-see…

Woodworking from Offcuts
by Derek Jones

Woodworking from Offcuts

Here is a book I can relate to. Offcuts, scrap bin, left overs...

The start of this book was interesting. For a workshop dummy it gave a quick run through of tools that are useful for little projects and now I understand what Flyboy is talking about… occasionally.  More interesting were the twenty easy projects differing in difficulty levels from book stands and spaghetti measures to bird houses and pen cases. 

Woodworking  Desk Tidy

Each project is laid out in simple steps with photos for novices to use as a guide. There are certainly a few projects that I may try over the winter months, or to get the kids creating things with a little help (great for father/child bonding time).

Woodworking from Offcuts is available at Booktopia.

ISBN: 9781861088833  -  Format: Paperback  -  Number Of Pages: 176

Wooden Boxes
by Dennis Zongker

Wooden Boxes by Dennis Zongker

There are seven very beautiful boxes in this book, all way beyond what I imagine is possible. 

This is a not a book for novices, it is for those wishing to improve their skills with more complex ideas and patterns. 

There are plenty of instructions, cutting lists and terms that made my mind boggle and even had FlyBoy scratching his head a little bit. He has promised to make me one of these boxes… I’ll be sure to show you pictures, if when this happens. 

Wooden Boxes 1

If you, or someone knows wants to move on from basic woodwork to the next level then this is a great book for them. The techniques can be used in a variety of ways in different projects. Really with your own imagination and these techniques, who knows what will be created.

Wooden Boxes is available at CanDo Books and is currently on sale at Booktopia.

ISBN: 9781600855221  -  Format: Paperback  -  Number Of Pages: 176

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  1. Your opening paragraph made me laugh! I was just looking at a hall table over at A Beautiful Mess that I was considering making (you know, just slap it together in the back shed while the kids are at school. I seriously over estimate my available time. And abilities.), but I think I'll have to be a bit more realistic! That first book looks great.


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