Canberra in Autumn

A spur of the moment decision led us to Canberra this past weekend. It’s only 2.5 hours away from home, but a world away in climate. It was chilly. Very chilly. But so beautiful. Canberra, you really ‘do’ Autumn well.


Canberra - Autumn Colours


Canberra - Church


Canberra Collecting Leaves


Canberra - Collecting Leaves


Canberra - Lake Burley Griffin


We all got to choose some funs things we’d like to do.

The kids chose Questacon (science centre with a lot of interactive and fun ways to learnt about science).


Canberra - Questacon


FlyBoy chose the War Memorial with all of its Military history and of course, plenty of old airplanes.


Canberra - War Memorial 1


Canberra - War Memorial


And me? Well I was thinking of going to the local quilt show, but after a lot of complaining from the cheap seats in the back of the car, I chose… Costco… and scored myself a 1.58kg bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups.


Canberra - Reese's


  1. Canberra DOES do Autumn well! We go quite regularly as my mum is there and it's so nice. I forget it's Autumn where I live as there aren't may colourful leaves on the ground.
    I still have a bag of those peanut butter cups from one of our first trips to Costco. Love that place.

  2. Wonderful photos of Canberra. The autumn colours are lovely aren't they. A big bag of peanut butter cups or a quilt show, now that is a hard choice, lucky you had some help from the back seat to decide.

  3. I haven't been to Canberra in years but would love to go to the War Memorial one day. I love the photo of the swans amongst the trees.

  4. Canberra it looks lovely with all the Autumn colours.

  5. Are those black swans? Beautiful scenery and birds.

  6. What a fun looking weekend. How rude that the 'cheap seats' objected to a quilt show. I hope they enjoyed costco too.

  7. Canberra always looks stunning in Autumn.

  8. Next time you are here I would love to catch up!


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