Pumpkins & Squashes {Book Review}

Pumpkins & Squashes by Janet MacDonald published by Grubb Street has arrived on my door step at just the right time. It’s pumpkin season here in the southern hemisphere and pumpkins are super cheap and there is a big supply or quality product right now at the green grocer.


Pumpkins & Squashes


Pumpkins & Squashes begins with Janet’s personal story, how she planted seeds in her English garden, which she got on a trip to Canada (25 years ago) and her general love of this delicious vegetable… ahem… fruit.

We then learn a little about the history of pumpkins, squashes and their close relatives, gourds and melons (which includes cucumber). Brought by European explorers from the Americas, they became incorporated in the cooking of their new lands. Italians enjoy it in risotto or to stuff pasta. The French prefer courgettes, while in England, marrow is the preferred type of pumpkin.

The next section teaches the reader how to grow and cultivate their own. There are plenty of tips and tricks for cold or hot weather climates, that even the blackest of thumbs should be able to manage to grow their own.

We then move on to the recipes. Over 100 sweet and savoury seasonal recipes are included in this book. Plenty of ideas whether to keep pumpkin or squash on the menu this autumn and winter.

Some of the more interesting recipes I’ve discovered include:

  • Butternut squash and apple soup
  • Squash and celeriac crumble
  • Very rich squash and blue cheese sauce
  • Squash fritters

These are just a few of the new (to me) taste sensations which I’m looking forward to trying.

This book offers a lot of inspiration to the reader / home cook, though the only draw back I’ve found is the lack of pictures. Personally, I prefer a cookbook with lots of beautiful photos of the dishes.

Pumpkins & Squashes by Janet MacDonald is available through Booktopia.

ISBN: 9781908117168 - Format: Paperback - Number Of Pages: 176 - Published: 1st February 2014

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  1. Not sure about Pumpkin and apple soup but my mum makes a lovely pumpkin and pear soup and it is delicious. Also a carrot, pumpkin and ginger soup that is good too.


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