Sweet Basil

One herb which I absolutely love and just HAD to plant in my little garden is basil. Sweet, fragrant, luscious basil.

Rain. Sun. Rain. Sun.

Repeat this about 7 more times and that has been the average day for the past couple of weeks. This rain and sun combination is one which my basil plants seem to love and thrived on.


Sweet Basil


With an abundance of basil, my first thought is usually to make pesto… which I did, using this recipe. YUM!

The other night, I made a basic pasta sauce – BUT, with the addition of basil, it was extra tasty. Now I don’t claim to be an expert in cooking, but I do know what my family like and will eat – so in this regard, I am an expert. My son gave it a 10 star rating, so considering it’s a 5 star system, this must have been good.


Tomato Basil Pork Spaghetti


Do you grow basil in your garden?

Is it thriving like crazy now too?

Do you have a favourite recipe you can share?


Sweet Basil Row

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  1. My jet lag mind is having trouble typing a comment!!!
    Wish I had basil - or anything - in my garden, but snow on the ground here. I am planting seeds in pots today and look forward to trying you recipe this summer.


Thank you for your comment.

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