Quilting : Book Inspirations {Review}

There are some great new books available on the market, for anyone with an interest in quilting. Here a few which I’ve been flicking through and enjoying lately.


QUILTING : The Complete Guide

By Darlene Zimmerman

Quilting The Complete Guide by Darlene Zimmerman


I wish that I had discovered this book, when I first began my patchwork and quilting journey. This is one of those books, once discovered, you never want to part with.

Quilting : The Complete Guide, is a fabulous resource and without a doubt, this is a book which can be referenced when approaching a new technique, or just to refresh the sewer on techniques.


Quilting A Complete Guide Collage


Each new section (or skill) is detailed, clear, comprehensive and paired with excellent photographs and images. Beginners and more advanced quilters will all find something of benefit from this book.

Not only does it cover the usual handy hints and tips which most quilt books begin with - Darlene goes into detail about choosing the right batting and standard quilt / mattress sizes. How to calculate the size of the backing, tips for creating perfect binding, y-seams, sewing machine feet, formulas for cutting shapes, applique techniques, prewashing, partial seams… and dozens of other skills which are too many to mention.

I have a fairly large quilting book library, but am yet to find a book which covers as much as this one. It's everything you need to know about patchwork and quilting, in one (small) book!

Quilting : The Complete Guide by Darlene Zimmerman is available at Booktopia (currently discounted) and CanDo Books.

ISBN : 9781440238871  -  Format : Paperback  -  Pages : 256




Crazy Quilting : The Complete Guide

By J. Marsha Michler

Crazy Quilting The Complete Guide


“This book is dedicated to our Victorian-era foremothers, whose sometimes impeccable dabbling and always artful creating have give us what we have today; the incredible and multi-faceted art of crazy quilting.”

Crazy quilting is a creative form of quilting in which patches are made in irregular shapes and sizes. A crazy patched piece is often worked on a foundation fabric and treated to embroidery and embellishments.

Crazy Quilting : The Complete Guide by J Marsha Michler is a wonderful book, which can be referenced to learn some new skills, hone some beloved old ones and for suggestions and inspiration.

I have to admit that I’ve never made a crazy quilt, but have admired them, from the time I started learning this craft. The idea of creating a quilt, using little pieces of different fabrics, all held together with beautiful embroidery stitches – is really quite appealing. Cotton, wool, silk… all joined together as one, to create something beautiful.

This book goes through ten different ways to patch a crazy quilt: antique method, landscape method, confetti piecing method, right sides together, strip patching, collage method, topstitch applique, two sided topstitch applique, stained glass method. All of these methods of assembly are highlighted with beautiful photographs.

The next section is all about embroidery. 100 embroidery stitches (with step by step pictures) to learn and master.

Crazy Quilting Collage

Moving on to embellishments, surface work and machine methods.

This book is suitable for any skill level as it’s broken down into easy to follow instructions with accompanying images. It’s a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to learn this Victorian-Era craft and create their own heirloom crazy quilts.


Crazy Quilting


Crazy Quilting : The Complete Guide is available through Booktopia and CanDo Books.


ISBN : 9781440238864  -  Format : Paperback  -  Pages : 256




Where Women Create : Quilters

By Jo Packham

Where Women Create Quilters


Quilters. We’re a nosey bunch, aren’t we? We all like to have a little look at what our quilting friends are up to, what they’re creating and we especially love to look at other quilters studios.

Quilters: Their Studios, Their Stories, & Their Quilts connects the reader with a number of top quilters in the industry. We read their stories, discover their quilting journey, get a glimpse into their studios and some of their favourite quilts.


Alissa Haight Carlton


Some of the quilters included in this book are : Jo Packham, Amy & David Butler, Tina Givens, Alissa Haight Carlton, Heather Grant, Tula Pink, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Amanda Murphy… and my quilting crush, Lori Holt.


Lori Holt


Not only do we get to learn a little about our favourite quilters and see their studios, but each quilter also contributes a 12” quilt block. From these quilt blocks, the reader can create more than 80 quilt patterns with online instructions.

This book includes beautiful photography of thirty quilting studios and spotlights the most important aspects of the world of quilting, including cutting tables, fabric and supply storage, quilt display treatments, and more.


Where women create quilting 1


Where Women Create : Quilters is available at CanDo Books and Booktopia.


ISBN : 9781592538928  -  Format : Paperback  -  Pages : 176


Disclaimer: I received copies of these books to review. All images and thoughts are my own. Any links provided are NOT affiliates.


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  2. Thanks for the review . They all look great but I really like the Crazy Patch one.


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