Oreo Delight {Recipe}

Friday afternoon.

The kids are hot and exhausted after a long week at school.

In the car, on the way home from school, they ask for cold drinks, ice creams, milk shakes, slurpees. Anything. Everything.

I didn’t bring my purse, so I tell them that I have a surprise for them at home… all the while, hoping that they’ll forget by the time we get there. Tell me I’m not the only one?

We get home to the usual throwing off of uniforms, emptying school bags of lunch boxes and water bottles. No after school activities on a Friday for us, so they’re free to do as they please. It only takes a few minutes before one of them says, “did you forget our surprise mum?”

Ummm… no. I didn’t forget. I’m just about to get it ready for you.

And that is how the Oreo Delight came about.

Oreo Delight

Last December, I was invited along to a Christmas event with the lovely people from Kambrook, to a cooking class at **The Hospitality Establishment. I go to lots of brand/blogger events, but have to admit that this was one of my favourites. We learnt loads of tips and tricks from the chefs who were putting us through our paces, and came home with full bellies and inspiration to cook. We also came home with a Blitz 2 Go from the generous people at Kambrook.

So back to Friday… the kids were after a surprise, so a surprise I was going to give them.

I got the Blitz 2 Go from the cupboard, a packet of Oreo’s which I’d just that day bought (on sale this week, at Coles, if anyone is interested), ice-cream, ice cubes and milk.

Oreo Delight 1

Oreo Delight

6 x Strawberry Oreo biscuits
2-3 scoops of ice cream – vanilla is preferable, but we only had this vanilla/chocolate one, so went with it.
1 cup-ish of lite milk (because are enough calories in the oreo’s and ice cream already)
A handful of ice cubes
* If you have some, strawberries would be a great addition to this drink

Oreo Delight Process

Pop everything into the large Blitz 2 Go container. Screw on the lid and pulse, pulse, pulse.

In about 5 seconds it’s all whizzed up and ready to be consumed.

Pour into a tall glass (making sure you leave some for yourself)
Add a couple of straws.

Marvel at how good it looks and try to fend of the kids while you take some photos to share on Instagram (as you do).

Let the kids loose and watch them them drink it down faster than the time you took to make it.

Oreo Delight 2

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was gifted a Kambrook Blitz 2 Go and really like to use it. Sure, healthy smoothies are probably it’s intended use, but I’m just sharing… ahem…  an alternate recipe.

Oreo Strawberry

** If you’re interested in viewing some great recipes, visit the Kambrook YouTube Channel. Garth, who hosts these videos and was our chef/teacher/allroundfunny guy on the day, shows us how to make great food using Kambrook appliances.

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