Minecraft Cushion

It’s been a little bit of a cushion frenzy here, over the past week.

I made some pyjama pillows for an order, just before Christmas and posted a picture on my Facebook page.

The cushions received a fantastic response and as a result, I received about a dozen more orders for pyjama cushions.

My latest lot were fun to make. Little girl cushions are easy. They all seem to like pink and purple and like pretty girly prints.


1 Pyjama Pillows


Older kids and tweens are a little trickier. One cushion ordered was for an 8 year old boy. Too old for “little boy” prints like dinosaurs or trains etc, but too young for general masculine colours. So, I asked my 8 year old what he’d like if I made him a pyjama cushion.

Without any hesitation, his response was a Minecraft cushion. Perfect!

I traced the logo from one of his Minecraft books, transferred it with some double sided bonding paper (Vliesofix) and created a Minecraft pyjama cushion.


Minecraft Cushion


I’m quite pleased with myself.

And, I have an order from Sam to make one for him too. I guess it’s met with his approval.

Is your child addicted to Minecraft too?


  1. boy you sure have been busy and they all look fantastic Anorina.xx

  2. Great work Anorina. I don't know anything about Minecraft. My sons are too old and my grandson too young!

  3. YES! Now I know nothing about it! But he talks about the mods and catching chickens... I don't know! Lol but your pillows are beautiful!

  4. My boys LOVE Minecraft! The pillows turned out great!


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