Growing Up

Earlier this week, my little man turned 8. Birthdays always bring out that "where has the time gone?" kind of feelings.

It seemed like only yesterday that my little baby boy arrived into this world - kicking and screaming.

We looked at each other, dazed and confused. Mother and child, embarking on this wild, crazy, yet absolutely rewarding, new journey.

Sam is one of those happy to lucky kids, who doesn't let much get to him. He has a tonne of friends, and has an ability to make instant friendships. Unlike his sister, shyness is not in his repertoire.

He loves to talk and comes home each afternoon to give me minute by minute details of his day. I love that he's just bursting to get home and tell me about his day and realize that in a few short years, he'll hit his teens and this openness will most likely disappear.

For now, I will make the most of it and appreciate every little, "Guess what happened today, mum...".

Much to his disappointment, Sam went to school on his birthday. He did come home to tell me that the whole class sang to him plus, his teacher said that since it was his birthday, he didn't have to do his reading homework.

He enjoyed opening his little pile of gifts. With a birthday so close to Christmas, coming up with birthday ideas is tricky.

Happy birthday to my little man. Here's to a wonderful year of being 8 and all of the exciting things which accompany it!


  1. Happy Birthday to Sam... he sounds a delightful young man and so nice that you enjoy each other so much

  2. Happy birthday to Sam. My boys always ask for one of those Freddo ice cream cakes too! I must admit, I enjoy them too!

  3. happy birthday sam and that cake looks awesome.xx

  4. birthdays are such a special time when we are children xx mind you .. turn your back on them for what seems like a second and they are 6ft 7 with a home and family of their own!! HOW does THAT happen? lol x

  5. Happy Birthday Sam. I remember when my boys were chatterbox 8 year old...then the next minute they were grunting teenagers with not much more to say than "dunno, nothin', yep, and nup". They are back to normal human beings now :)


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