Summer Holiday

"We're all going on a summer holiday. No more working for a week or two..."

After a hectic few months, we jumped into the car, headed south and are spending a few days at the beach.

It's a spur of the moment trip. FlyBoy had a few days rostered off, so I rang around until I found an available cabin. Booked it at an inflated summer price. We loaded the car and left daily life behind.

Swimming, playing in the surf, exploring, collecting shells and sea glass.

Making a few memories.

I've brought a quilt to bind in the evenings, once the kids are in bed. But, with all of this fresh salty air and sunshine, staying awake too long after the kids has been difficult.

Anyone know of a good remedy for sunburn?


  1. Aloe Vera gel. It's very soothing to burns and helps the skin the heal quickly. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  2. That fried food is making me hungry and the beach looks wonderful. Hubs and I were on your beaches 20 years ago and hope to get back again in a couple of years. Aloe, a cool bath, and a little time under the umbrella is the best I can tell you.

  3. Yes Aloe Vera is the best . Especially if you snap a piece from a plant and rub on. Guess a cream would do??
    Looks like you are all enjoying a few days at the sea.

  4. good ol vinegar is another remedy.....don't kids, (small & big!) love exploring the beach, rashies tops for the soft skin of children and a good investment......have fun!!!

  5. I keep an AloeVera and green tea after sun spray in the fridge. My hubby burns very easily.

  6. If you discover the burn quickly, put sun cream back on it and get out of the sun. I don't know why but it helped our kids after a particularly bad session. It was all we had access to & it helped soothe the burn. It didn't seem to peel as badly either.

  7. From Southern California - blonde, fair skinned, burned or blistered but never got a good tan :-] I used to water ski on the Colorado River in Arizona with my uncle. He made a strong brew of tea in a pot on the stove - let it cool a bit - soak towel in it and lay it over the sunburned skin. Repeat until comfortable. The tannin in the tea takes the fire and pain out of the burn. Then apply the aloe vera gel to keep the skin supple. Or find a spray with lidocain (or lidocane - not sure of the exact spelling!) as the main ingredient. The lidocain is a topical anesthetic and stops the pain! Have a relaxing vacation!

  8. Definitely aloe vera for our household! Beautiful coast line for a family holiday. Reminds me of my honeymoon in Batemans Bay!

  9. Aloe vera for the actual burn and years ago I was told to put asprin on the burn too. Not sure why? You can buy banana boat aloe spray that you keep in the fridge - just be careful not to drop the bottle, for some reason they are made of plastic that breaks when drops.
    Found this, it might help:
    If you've just come out of the sun and think you may have overdone it, you can take aspirin or ibuprofen, as these are drugs that block the formation of the chemicals that cause redness and swelling.

    Read more:

  10. My family has always used vinegar and mily! Stinks but the vinegar takes the sting out and the milk moisturizers the skin. You will peel anyway so expensive "remedies" are not good value for money. Enjoy your holiday and either wear sunscreen or stay out of the sun! (But you already know that!)

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