Zakka Handmades

Sometimes, a craft book comes along that just captures your attention and inspires you to drop what other project you’re working on, at that time, and create something from the book.

For me, Zakka Handmades by Amy Morinaka of Chick Chick Sewing was one of these sorts of books. The moment I opened it and had a quick flick through, I was itching to get stitching… and I did… but more on what I made later.


Zakka Handmades


Zakka is a Japanese term, which refers to the small necessities of everyday life. Handmade zakka combines natural fibres (think linen, cotton, wool) with small embellishments and detailed handwork.

Zakka Handmades includes 24 zakka projects which are grouped into Everyday, Bags and Pouches, Baby and Young Child, Handmade Kitchen.


Zakka Handmades Cutlery Bag


All of the projects are beautifully photographed and they each have excellent, step by step assembly instructions. The projects themselves aren’t very difficult, or time consuming, but the level of embellishment and detail you decide to incorporate is entirely up to you. It would be a fantastic book for beginners.

Isn’t this the most gorgeous mug rug? It’s called the Airmail Mug Rug and I think it is just perfect. Don’t you think this would look great on your sewing room wall :)


Zakka Mug Rug with Fabric Stamps


I couldn’t resist the idea of making some fabric stamps, so this was the first thing I did. I went through my scrap tub and found pieces which would be suitable for a stamp (or 10).


Fabric Stamp


Iron some double sided bonding paper to the back of the cute scraps and then trim. Remove the backing paper and press onto some white solid fabric. I finally got to use my pinking shears which I’d bought at Ikea, the last time I was there. Yay!


Zakka Handmades Stamps


I am warning my future swap partners that you will probably find some fabric stamps on your mini quilts. I used one on the back of a mini quilt, which I sent out yesterday and wrote the swap details on the (wider) white edges.

And I couldn’t resist making a couple of the puffy ponytail bows. Aren’t they fun?


Puffy Ponytail Bows - Zakka Handmades


I think these will make great Christmas gifts for the little girls in my daughters kindergarten class. I have an old school uniform of hers which is just way too short, so I might cut it up and make all of the girls a puffy ponytail bow to wear to school.

Now I’m just waiting for my little hair model to get home from school so that I can give it to her and see what she thinks.


Puffy Ponytail Bow


Remember the Rice Therapy Eye Pillow I made and blogged earlier in the week? It was from this book too.

Honestly, I think this book is just GORGEOUS and if you like the idea of zakka and making lovely little things by hand, you will love this book. Why not add it to your Christmas list? Or, get it now and enjoy making some zakka gifts for friends this Christmas.

Here are the details:

TITLE: Zakka Handmades

AUTHOR: Amy Morinaka

PAGES: 128

ISBN: 9781589237506

Zakka Handmades is available at Booktopia or Cando Books.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book to review. All thoughts and images are my own.


  1. I do so like that sewing stuff little basket. Ideal to have when you have a memory like mine and can't remember where you put the scissors!

    1. Yes I completely agree. I forget where I put things all the time too :)

  2. Hello Anorina! I just discovered your charming blog via internet and I am super thrilled with your handmade creations! Thank you so much for kind words about my book! I just posted your fussy cut stamps and puffy bow ribbons onto my Pinterest board "Zakka Handmades: My book".

    Hope you have a chance to take a look! Sending lots of love from California, Amy Morinaka


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