My Sewing Studio

When we were choosing this house, the room which would be my “sewing studio” was for me, an important factor. When the kids are at school and hubby is away at work, it’s where I spend most of my time. When we moved into the house, boxes and furniture was sort of just “dumped” into the room with the thought that it would be sorted at some later stage.

The first job was to move all of the shelves to one wall so that all of my fabric stash, books and magazines are all together in the one area. This is where I’d always imagined my shelves would be when we were building the house.

Samelia's Mum  My Sewing Room

The larger shelves are BILLY Book Cases from Ikea. The narrow towers are BENNO CD/DVD towers, also from Ikea. These narrow ones are perfect for storing FQ’s, F8 Bundles and general knick-knacks. 

We've had them for years and I didn't necessarily want brown cases, but they’re too good to throw away. I figure we can paint them white or cover them with some funky contact paper at a later stage.

Samelia's Mum  My Sewing Room BENNO

The small shelves under the window are just cheap ones from Fantastic Furniture. They used to live in the kids bedrooms with tubs full of toys on the shelves. They’re the perfect height under the window, to store books and magazines. I have a few more boxes of books and magazines to unpack, but they’ll have to go somewhere else as these babies are looking close to full.

Samelia's Mum  My Sewing Room Low Shelves

I have plans for those 2 bedside lamps. I want to cover them. Somehow. Not exactly sure with what. But, something other than that beige/cream colour.

I have a large design wall now too. Hubby put up a large curtain rod for me. Most of the time, I’ll have batting hanging from it to lay out my quilt blocks. The rings on the rod have little clips which makes it easy to remove the batting and hang quilts for photographing.

Samelia's Mum  My Sewing Room Design Wall

My quilting frame is up against a wall, but as it’s on wheels, I can easily move it forward if need be. I find it a good place to drape half finished quilts. This way, I’ll always see my WIP’s and have no excuses not to finish them.

Samelia's Mum  My Quilting Frame

Those white drawers keep stationery and some of the kids crafty bits. These drawers were originally in my daughters room, but as she gets older she is loving clothes (and has sooooooooooo many), so we got her bigger storage for her new bedroom.

A few screws drilled into the wall behind the door are where my rulers and hoops are now stored. They look so lovely and neat. Neat. Geez, I love that word. Neat.

Samelia's Mum  My Rulers & Hoops

Our old dining table is in the centre of the room. Hubby added some wheels to the bottom, which makes it easy to move around. It’s an extend-able table (in 3 sections), so I turned one of the end panels into my new pressing area.

Samelia's Mum  My Pressing Table

I added 2 layers of batting just up to where the table panels meet and then I covered the batting with some strong decor weight fabric (also from Ikea). It’s all stapled down and with only one layer of fabric, the table panels lock in place easily.

Samelia's Mum  My Pressing Table (Progress 2)

This table is just about perfect now. There is enough space for this large pressing area, along with space for my 36” cutting mat and all of the bits and pieces I'm currently working with. If anyone is interested in learning more about how I made this table, let me know and I’ll write up a post with step by step photos. Do you take photos of everything too?

Under the table, hubby added a shelf with an odd piece of wood which he picked up at the Ikea seconds corner for a couple of dollars. I think it used to be part of a kitchen which someone ordered but never collected. This is where I now store my rolls of batting and Pellon.

Samelia's Mum  My Pressing Table Shelf

I hope you enjoyed the little tour into my sewing space. I absolutely love it and feel very blessed to spend my time in here.

I’d love to see your sewing space too. If you’ve blogged about it in the past, please share your URL so we can all have a little sticky beak. Or, if you haven’t yet, why not take some photos and blog about your sewing room. We’d all love a little look at the spaces which inspire you to create.

Samelia's Mum  My Sewing Machines


  1. If this room ever goes up for rent Anorina, I'll happily move in! LOL And to think I just threw 2 of those CD cupboards away. They were water rotted underneath but probably could've been mounted on the wall. Your whole room looks amazing Anorina. So jealous xx

  2. wow! it looks wonderfull.. and tidy! I need about a month to TIDY mine out so that I can have room to take any pictures xx! lol x I will keep the pictures of yours in my mind to remind me what mine SHOULD look like xx lol x

  3. Your new sewing room is lovely Anorina. Looks like there's a place for everything!

  4. WOW thanks for sharing your wonderful space, it was well worth the wait. Have lots of fun in your "cave", and look forward to seeing more creations from within!

  5. Fabulous new sewing room! It must be hard to leave hehe!

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  7. It looks fabulous Anorina!! ... Can I move in?!! Lol! ;)

  8. Awesome room Anorina! Love your shelving and design wall!

  9. Your new space is inspiring me to go home after work and have a go at cleaning/reorganizing my office/sewing room. (It currenly looks as though it belongs on an episode of "Hoarders"!) Thanks for the motivation and enjoy your lovely new creative getaway space!

  10. Beautiful craft room I am very envious might even move in

  11. oh I think it is just lovely.... and perfect for all your creating.... beautiful....


  12. Enjoyed every bit of your blog article.Really thank you! Will read on…

  13. meraviglioso! vorrei tanto anche io una craft room così!!!!!

  14. Wonderful craft room - so very practical and organised!

  15. Please can you pack up your sewing room as it is and send over to my house. I love it, some really great ideas.

  16. What a great creative space, just love it!!!!!

  17. Wow! That looks fabulous, Anorina. Very inspiring.


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