In the eerie glow...

I have a new baby quilt to share with you, plus the tutorial.

I started this quilt last week and have really enjoyed working with this cute dinosaur fabric which I got at Spotlight.

But, I may just wait a few days before sharing all of the details.

With the bush fires burning about 15 kms away, smoke has covered the sky for the past few days, casting an eerie yellow glow.

With catastrophic conditions forecast for the next few days, my thoughts are with the people living in the danger areas.

There has been so much devastation already with the loss of many homes and property.

Hoping and praying for rain!


  1. That is such a cute quilt Anorina! It looks like a fun one to piece together too.

    The sight of that smoke, the burnt orange sun, it makes my heart sink every time. We live about 20 minutes away from the Wyong fires. I'm just so, so horrified at everything going on, and a little worried about the heat forecast for this week :-/

  2. I pray for an improvement in weather conditions. It is so heartbreaking for so many and must be an exhaustive vigil for others. Our firefighters are legends.

  3. Having lived for most of my life in Southern California, USA where wild fires are an ever-present worry, my heart goes out to you and to the people of Australia who are enduring this. I hope everyone in the path of the possible devastation has a "go bag" packed and a plan that includes their pets. That kind of preparation makes an emergency situation easier to manage.

  4. oh such a lovely quilt Anorina and boy that sky is eery.xx

  5. The quilt is lovely.You can produce lovely things very quickly. The bush fires are a worry.

  6. I liked the quilt even before I realized it had dino fabric! The quilting is terrific. Please do NOT tell me it is free motion or I shall go into a deep depression.
    The photos of the fires are horrifying! I live in Canada and the last 2 major fires we had were caused by derailed trains carrying oil. GOOD news from the the first one (in the province of Quebec) is that a cat was rescued 79 days after the 'accident' from a deserted home and has been nursed back to health despite severe dehydration.
    The most recent one (in the province of Alberta) still has residents unable to return to their homes, their pets, their livestock, etc.
    Quilting - especially with such cheerful colours - provides such a bright spot. Thank you.

  7. I hope the fire stays well away from you and your home, it is frightening to be having fires already and it isn't even summer!! Love your dino quilt!


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