Sunday at Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie is a gorgeous area in the Central Coast of NSW. We were up here earlier in the year and decided (a little last minute) to have another family weekend up here.

It has been a glorious winter weekend. The sun is warm and lovely, though there is a crisp breeze to remind us that yes, it is winter.


Lake Macquarie - Raffertys 5


We’re staying at the Mercure Resort in Lake Macquarie which is picturesque, relaxing and absolutely family friendly. If you’re ever in the area, I can really recommend it.


Lake Macquarie - Raffertys2


Lake Macquarie - Raffertys3

After we finished our breakfast, FlyBoy suggested what if we all give one idea of what we’d like to do for the day. I thought visiting a local market would be fun. The kids wanted to go to a park and playground with a big slide. FlyBoy thought he might like an afternoon nap. Our day was set… we hit up Google to find where we might find a local market.

We discovered the Salt Water Markets at Swansea. As luck would have it, they’re held on the first Sunday of the the month – which was today. Yay!

I immediately found something to buy. Aren’t these blue butterfly earrings just adorable???


Laura Elizabeth Designs


Laura Elizabeth Designs on Facebook – if you love handmade resin jewellery, you won’t be disappointed.


Lake Macquarie - Salt Water Market 2

Swansea - Salt Water Market


The markets were full of handmade gorgeousness. Soaps, cute crafts for kids, clothes, food, cakes, music. Just a perfect way to spend a gorgeous Sunday morning.


Lake Macquarie - Salt Water Market 3

Lake Macquarie - Salt Water Market 5


I came away with my earrings and a very hefty carrot cake, which will make for a delicious lunchbox treat this week.

Once our market adventure had come to a finish, we got back into the car to search for the playground – with BIG slide. After all of the chatter in the car, this slide had grown to phenomenal proportions.

We ended up in a town called Pelican… and living up to the name, there were lot’s of pelicans sitting around, sunning themselves by the water.

We didn’t find a playground with a big slide, but we did find a playground with 3 slides and 4 swings. I taught the kids the joy of swinging with their eyes closed. Probably not the most sensible activity but they enjoyed themselves :)


Pelican Park


After our morning activities, it was soon time for lunch. Sicilian pizza down at the resort restaurant went down a treat… and then FlyBoy got his nap.


Sicilian Pizza @ Il Lago


It was an absolutely lovely family day. Tomorrow we head back home to reality. Alarms, school, activities, homework, lunchboxes, uniforms… but for now, I’ll try to keep my brain in holiday mode.

Did you have a nice weekend?

Did you get much accomplished or did you have a relaxing family weekend?


  1. what a lovely time you had,Cheryll from gonestitchin is in that area.xx

  2. Oh Rafferty's is a beautiful spot isn't it? I got married there and the whole feel of the place is fantastic. Looks like you had a lovely weekend :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Anorina!It was lovely to meet you today and i am so glad you like the earrings!


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