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As you probably know, we’re moving into our newly built house, very very soon. The actual house building has been interesting, but for me, the interior and decorating is what I’m excited about. I look forward to making this shell of bricks and concrete into a lovely, warm and welcoming home.

I am especially looking forward to making bed heads for all of the bedrooms. I wrote about my bed headboard DIY ambitions HERE and I have a Pinterest board filled with tutorials and inspiration.
Patchwork Bed Headboard - HOUZZ

But I may be getting ahead of myself a little bit… sure a gorgeous headboard is important, but the actual bed is even more important. There are so many different options to consider when choosing THE right bed for you and your family.

Sleepmaker help take the stress out of choosing the right mattress, with their mattress selector program.

To get started, all you need to do is enter a few details into the mattress selector program.

Details which include your usual sleeping position:

SleepMaker Sleep Position Guide

Or the size of mattress you want to buy.

SleepMaker - Bed Size Guide

When you get to the end (it takes less than a minute to go through the fields), you enter your post code and you’re directed to a screen which shows you the mattresses which Sleepmaker recommend that you try in-store.

Sleepmaker Miracoil Advance

It will also list the stores and addresses of the ones closest to you, and which stock these mattresses.

Honestly, it couldn’t be easier. And the best part is that you don’t have to go and try every mattress in the store. You’ll know ahead of time, which mattress is best suited to your needs.

I have just ordered the new mattress and base for when we move (in less than 3 short weeks). I like sleeping on a soft mattress and FlyBoy prefers medium-firm.

So we compromised with a medium mattress… with a bright pink or turquoise headboard perhaps…

When was the last time you bought a new mattress?


  1. This sounds fabulous!!! The last time I got a new mattress was probably over 10 years ago - when I was still sleeping on a single bed, and that was purchased by my parents to replace the one I'd had since I was first on a single (I was a full time uni student, working barely 10 hours a week - think it was a birthday present or something, lol). When I got a double bed a couple of years ago, I also took on the mattress that was with it - both from my cousin, so I know it was well taken care of, but it is still a good 7-8 years old. A new mattress will definitely need to be figured into the budget in the next couple of years!!! Thanks for the info - I might just have to go have a look at this!! :)

  2. Take yourself off to a Captain Snooze bedding shop, they have a demo bed for you both to lie on to calculate your sizes, both height and weight to establish what type of mattress suits you. My DH is taller than I am. We were not prepared to spend the $5000 for the mattress best suited but they were able to supply us with one for $1000 that we are VERY happy with. Lovely to be sleeping in a cosy bed once again.

  3. Planning a renovation at the moment and in it is a new bedroom suite to replace the bed my husband bought when he moved out of home for uni in the mid 90s. OMG any wonder I need a new bed - the bed we have now is almost 20 years old and was a cheap one bought by a poor uni student then. New bed totally justified. Thanks for the reminder of how much I am looking forward to home decor and furniture shopping for our renewed home :)


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