11 July 2013

Quilting: Summerville

It was late one evening last week and I’d just taken some cold and flu medication so that my runny nose and the associated aches and pains would ease up, so I could go to bed.

As the fog began to lift, a quilt idea hit me. Why do ideas hit… after 10pm on week nights?


Summer Friends


As it’s cold and miserable round here, I decided that I’d cut into a Summerville Layer Cake. The bright happy pinks, blues and yellows were just what I needed.




I sewed and sewed and sewed.

Perhaps some extra calculating and thought, BEFORE I started my cutting, would have been beneficial.

But hey, when inspiration hits, you just go with it. Right?


When inspiration hits you, do you just go with it or do you like to plan?


  1. Both, I am finishing up a quilt that the idea seemed logical. I cut and sewed as I went. I have had a few hiccups along the way. It is turning out quite nice. And yes the best inspirations seem to pop up at night when you are trying to get to sleep.

  2. Hi Anorina, how have I not seen your blog before? I love it! If you hadn't left a comment for me, then I wouldn't have seen all the wonderful things here! I am enjoying your house pics too, we recently built a house and are still finishing it off with furnishings and decorating I am getting some inspiration from you. Kathryn xx

  3. just so lovely Anorina,beautiful fabric.xx

  4. Whar a lovely design, and such gorgeous bright and cheerful fabrics

  5. Beautiful fabrics..and I love the design.

  6. I plan and plan and plan until inspiration has faded :( One day I might learn to just go with it :)

  7. It depends on the project. Sometimes I plan meticulously and other times I just go with the flow. Wouldn't be without my graph paper though, helps me work out the nitty gritty of making a project fit!

  8. Hope your cold is better. I do both. Often when I am working on something 'planned' an inspiration hits and I have to get it out of my system (or at least make notes on it).

  9. My most recent bolt of inspiration hit at 4.40am - long before waking up time and I could not get back to sleep. I got up at 6 tiered and wishing I had not been inspired so early :(

  10. I try and plan, but then while I'm in the planning stages something else comes up and I never get to the initial idea. I constantly being inspired by new ideas and have about a million I want to try!


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