My night with George Costanza

My husband loves Seinfeld, and I will admit that I am a bit of a fan as well.  Many of the phrases have crept into our every day life.  Our favourite character has always been George, so when the chance came to see Jason Alexander, the man behind the enigma that was George Costanza – well, we jumped at it.

Jason Alexander, is currently touring the country with his one man show. 


Jason Alexander


It is a trip through his life, his career, his new hair, Seinfeld and other peoples relationships – with a few musical interludes.  I am not usually a fan of stand up comedy but this was funny. Not just funny. Struggling to breathe funny. 

I kind of thought I knew how the evening would go.  A short balding guy would come out on stage, reproduce a few Seinfeld lines, talk about the show for a while and maybe give us some behind the scene goss and that would be it. And I would probably have been happy. But my assumptions were sooooo wrong.

Jason came on stage and sat at a grand piano and started singing a song, it sounded nice, bit unusual and un-expected. It then turned into an up-beat number, mentioning lots of places in local area, which had the crowd in hysterics. From there he moved on to talking about the purpose of the show and his nice new hair. 

During this he picked on a few crowd members particularly one gentleman called Dave, who may have regretted his front row seat.

After covering topics of growing up, learning to perform with a badly timed big band number that had my husband in near tears, we moved onto body issues, hair and lack of it, tattoos and piercings.  He has a very similar view to me on so many subjects which probably made it even funnier.

Then came the Seinfeld Q and A which was good, though brief.  It was great that he walked among the audience answering questions and even making himself the butt of the joke in the process.


George Costanza 2


Finally we moved on to relationships.  If you’re a couple and are in the front row then watch out - he could be coming for you.  Poor Dave, the guy who had been singled out from the beginning, found himself on stage with his wife, sprayed with water and then slow dancing in front of the packed venue. By now, breathing had become a real issue for most the audience.

Finally the evening ended with a musical tour through all the characters on stage he had wanted to play but been told he was not suitable for. He certainly has a great voice and it was a perfect way to finish the evening.

All told he was on stage for about 90 minutes and I was left satisfied yet wanting more.  If you love Seinfeld, or just good comedy and he hasn’t passed through your town yet get down there and see him. You won’t regret it.

Here are the dates for rest of his Australian tour.

Tue July 23
Canberra Theatre

Wed July 24 to Sat July 27
The Palms at Crown, Melbourne

A big thank you to What’s on in Wollongong and the Wollongong Entertainment Centre for the tickets.

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