Building a House {Update}

Exciting things have been happening in the new house. The end is finally in sight. A few more months and we’ll finally be in there.

The internal walls have gone up – big yay!




This photo is taken from the pantry door, looking out to where my island bench will be. The space directly behind the bench is where my big dining table will go. That doorway leads into my sewing room (CANNOT WAIT).

Off to the right is the family room – I love the light in this space. There is something to be said about north facing rooms.

Here is the reverse view, from the sewing room, looking towards the kitchen and pantry.


BUILD JUNE 2013 (2)


I can now visualize much more clearly where furniture will go … and what we still need to buy.

Hubby and I spent Sunday looking at furniture. We looked at couches and beds – the basic stuff. But I also enjoyed looking at (and sharing on IG) the fun bits which I came across in our search.

These chairs caught my eye.


Modern Covered Chair


I can imagine them in my sewing room – the perfect place to sit and stitch.


Tropical Covered Chair


The prices are unrealistic, so I’ve just taken pictures of them… to dream (and perhaps have a go at making my own?).


Princess Chair


Cute little ceramic Kewpie Dolls are available at Domayne. I don’t know what I’d do with them, but they’re so, so cute!


Kewpie Dolls


This owl lamp might have to come home with me. It’s at Harvey Norman and I love, love, love it. I have a little bit of an owl obsession.


Owl Lamp


What do you think? I asked on Instagram and Facebook whether Mr Owl Lamp  was a yay or nay and got some fun feedback. What do you think?

Yay or Nay to the Owl lamp?


  1. this is all so exciting Annorina.xx

  2. So exciting that your new house is really taking shape. Mr Owl is not my kind of owl but if you love him get a book shelf to put next to your lovely hand stitching chair and put a ultra bright embroidery light bulb in him and enjoy your stitching with him watching over you. I am sure you will find the right chair, I recommend op shops and garage sales look for a shape you love and then recover it with a fabric you love. That is what I will be doing after we renovate. Those feature chairs are beautiful but they can be very expensive for a good one.

  3. Oh my! You are on the downward stretch!! I LOVE the chairs (particularly the first two!) and your sewing room looks BIG!!

  4. Wow! It's really getting close to being finished!! Yahoo!! ... Loving the chairs!! How fun it must be to dream up how things will all look ... and know it's not that long now until you can actually see those dreams come to life!! x

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