WIP Wednesday

It's been quiet here on the blog the past few weeks. Life has been busy and blogging has taken a back seat.

I have some new projects to share with you (including a new tutorial), but I have to tweak and edit them properly first.

So instead, I'm sharing a few bits and pieces from the past week.

My parents are still on holiday overseas, but mum found this magazine and sent it over to me. Thanks mum!

It's in Portuguese and shares different embroidery designs and ideas from a region in Portugal, called Viana Do Castelo. So beautiful!

I've been practising my appliqué and it's finally getting better. My stitches are just about invisible. It does take a little while, but the result is worth the time and effort.

My scrap basket was overflowing, so I am attempting a scrappy, improv, no measuring style of quilt.

I find the hardest part of this process is to "not" make it all matchy and even and aligned and coordinating... and perfect.

My brain keeps yelling at me to make my blocks even and to nest my seams - but that would defeat the purpose of this project. It's meant to be unbalanced.

My latest quilt pattern has been published in Australian Handmade Magazine. It's called Snowflake Swoon and is fun to make with large print fabrics.

It's made up with 8 FQ's and some cream background for the snowflake.

I'm heading up to the Craft & Quilt Fair, in Sydney, tomorrow. Will you be there?

Happy Stitching,
Samelia's Mum


  1. gorgeous quilt Anorina,well done and enjoy the craft and quilt fair.xx

  2. I adore your improv blocks Anorina. Well done for being published (again!) - you're a clever thing!

  3. Anorina I share your discomfort with scrappy quilts. I find it so hard not to make everything "even"!

  4. Anorina, I am portuguese and live about 50km from Viana do Castelo. If you need any help translating just let me know


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