Five on Friday

I'm jumping on the meme wagon today and sharing 5 random tidbits from this week.

1. I finished hand quilting and sewing the binding on to my Twitter Mini Quilt last night.

I'll be sharing the pattern with you over the coming weeks.

2. Cold weather makes scones with strawberry jam taste, oh so good!

3. My little man has been training hard for his TaeKidoKai grading -which is tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed he passes and receives his new belt.

4. I live in a multi-cultural city. Today we bought Afghan bread. It's a long wide flat bread that takes up half a shopping trolley.

I'm looking forward to trying it out later this evening... if it lasts that long.

5. Ricky Martin is my FAVOURITE mentor on The Voice Australia. I've loved Ricky since I was young. Earlier this week, he announced a tour... AND I'M GOING!!

Sorry, didn't mean to yell. Just a wee bit excited.

Did you had a good week?
Do you love Ricky Martin?
Are you doing anything exciting this weekend?


  1. Mmmm... those scones look good. Do you have a favourite recipe?

  2. Scones look delicious but ricky martin, now there's a hunk!!

  3. So nice to see that you are Living La Viva Voca (ignore incorrect spelling ha ha)

  4. Ricky Martin.....Ole, Ole, Ole :)

  5. Dear lady,
    loved this mini quilt ....
    When publishing the scheme, sure, I'll make this beauty work ...
    The scones with strawberry jam are delicious

    hugs Maria Filomena,
    of Portugal


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