Drink Tea and Read Books

In our modern day world, we don’t have much of that elusive thing called time.

We struggle with time and try to cram as much as we can into our days.


Drink Tea

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Tonight I will switch of the television earlier than usual, make myself some tea and read some more of my book (Redstone Station).

Sometimes, it’s the simple things which mustn’t forget to include in our day.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to drink tea and read books. Don’t you think?

What are you reading right now?

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  1. Beautiful. I am feeling the same way lately. Why do we feel the need to be busy with every minute of the day? Some people wear their busy-ness as a badge of honour. I've got a copy of Down To Earth by Rhonda Hetzel, which is not a novel but I am feeling inspired to live more simply.

  2. I have just made a cup of Earl gray and i am off to bed with my book, the latest Jodie Picoult called the storyteller. its a good read.

  3. Ooo, you've caught me between books. Between the renovations, crafts and travelling I haven't made time to download another! However, there is a print copy of "Mao's Last Dancer" on my bedside table -- I haven't finished reading that!

  4. The husbands secret. I loved it.

  5. I really wish I could take more time to 'sit & read' as it was my one love for so long. Since social media & instant web acces my attention span is shattered! I know that if I could become engrossed in a book I'd feel more relaxed too. Great to know people are still renders! It's a great example to your kids as well. Denyse


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