Building our Dream with Stockland

This post is written in partnership with Stockland

As you may be aware, we are half way through building our Dream Home. It all began the back in 2011 when Stockland announced a new community which would be built, in our local area.



We were rapidly outgrowing our old house with it’s small bedrooms and only 1 bathroom. The kitchen was nice, but tiny and we had no backyard to speak of. The kids wanted a trampoline, but we had no space to put one. It was (and is) a fantastic first house for a young family, but we were approaching the next stage in our lives.

We wanted more space. A bigger house.  something bigger. A house where we could envisage our children growing up – with space to play in the backyard and have their friends around.


Stockland Residential Community

Standing on our block of land – July 2012

As we live on the edge of town, there is a lot of open land around us. It’s a huge growth area for the state and so there were a couple of new communities planned. We looked at them all. Considered the pro’s and con’s of each but finally decided to build our dream home in a Stockland community. The location was perfect, the blocks of land were large and the proposed new community layout was perfect.

Stockland has been helping Australians create quality housing and thriving communities for more than 60 years. Many people dream of building their own home but see it as being too hard to do. Stockland makes it easy by giving you a choice of communities, lot sizes and positions.

Stockland offer House and Land packages or you can just buy the block of land and then choose your own home design and builder.

Which is what we did.

Alfresco - May 2013

View from the downstairs alfresco area

We chose to build with Sekisui House (previously known as AV Jennings). We’re building a 2 storey home with plenty of space. Downstairs we will have the study, living room (the posh one for visitors), large kitchen with walk-in butlers pantry, dining room, family room, laundry, powder room AND my all important sewing studio.


Family Room - May 2013

Family room with a wall of sliding doors. French doors would have been nicer, too expensive.

The house will have 3 garages. 2 for cars and the third will be walled off and will be the “Wood-Working Man Cave”.

The bedrooms upstairs are large which was important to us. We wanted to make sure that the kids would have space of their own. A space to make theirs.


Sewing Room Ahead - May 2013

Sewing Studio with a lot of natural light


Here a progress shot of the front of the house. Those poor builders must be sick and tired of seeing me drive past everyday - snapping photos.


House - May 2013


If all goes well, we’re hoping to move into the new house by November. Still a way to go, but it’s getting closer and closer everyday. In the meantime, I have the fun job of choosing the interior flooring and furniture. We’ll be taking a lot of our old furniture with us, but will buy some new bits and pieces.

Our dream home is all about space to grow and create.

Which features are important to you, in your dream home?


  1. how exciting for you all Anorina,its looking fantastic and i just love those veiws.xx

  2. It all looks and sounds amazing Anorina!!! I hope all goes well with the building and that you are in there well and truly before you need to start planning for Christmas :) Looking forward to its growth over the coming months!!

  3. That looks awesome. Love how much room your gona have i need a house like .

  4. Looking amazing. Thanks for letting us share your journey. I'd love a home with a "real" sewing room. Admittedly I do have one bedroom for craft storage and another for sewing (...and a bit more storage!!) but it would be nice to have it all in one place.....and to have the amazing views you have :)

  5. I love that you choose to share this process with us! How exciting!

  6. You're living the dream!! A place to create should be an essential in every household, especially those with children. For our family, the kitchen seems to be more the gathering place than anywhere else. We also entertain often and aren't formal people, so the kitchen is THE place to be. I would love to have a nice big, open concept kitchen with lots and lots of storage. (My current kitchen is about 10'x 8' and is all open on one 10' wall. The other has the fridge, sink, and stove on it. There are only 3 large,(too) deep cupboards, 3 small and 2 tiny cupboards.) What a blessing to be able to plan your own home. I wish you all the best! :)

  7. Great catch up here today! Love how well the house is progressing. When I drove to Culburra late last year, I went past the turn off to your new community. Love the aspect back to the escarpment too. Must feel both frustrating & wonderful as each day passes. We built twice ..every arvo was a visit to the house! Denyse

  8. Wow! You would need David Beckhams salary to pay for anything that size here in the UK! Although I live in the London Surburbs where prices are higher and property smaller. We live in a maisonette, posh word for flat/apartment, it is a house divided into two flats one upstairs (ours) one down. We are lucky to also have a decent (in uk terms) sized garden. I hope you are all very happy in your new home!


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